Thanks to Harper gov’t policy, Canadian economy firing on all cylinders!

Credit Chris Young/CP
Credit Chris Young/CP

Check out this CBC editorial (H/T  The title states: “Canadian economy expands at 3.1% in 2nd quarter” while the sub-title says: “Economy ‘firing on more cylinders … after StatsCan reports biggest quarterly GDP gain since 2011.”

But,  that is not where the CBC good news ends. The editorial actually quotes Finance Minister Joe Oliver as saying: “The news is evidence the government’s plan for the economy is working, and that our ‘unrelenting focus on jobs, growth and long-term prosperity is paying off for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.”

Well, how about that? Something positive about the Conservatives on the CBC website. Yet, the column has to be seen as an editorial because no one at CP had the guts to put their name to it. Surely, CBC News would normally have their own journalists write their editorials?

Anyway, regardless of who wrote the piece, I found it to be a breath of fresh air, particularly given how the Premiers were complaining in recent days that they don’t get enough money from the federal government.

Of course, the Premiers are not the only whiners. As Paul Wells writes in relation to NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s claims this week that over the period of the next decade, the Conservatives plan to slash transfers: “We could have fun complaining that Mulcair calls something a “cut” when it extends what is already the longest period of growth in federal transfer payments in Mulcair’s lifetime.”

Have fun? Pardon me? Mr. Mulcair should remember that there is only one taxpayer and that when transfers are reduced because the economy is doing well, those adjustments are actually good news.

The crux of the matter is that, while the Conservatives are certainly not perfect (as no political enterprise is), Canadians are currently in good hands.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

15 thoughts on “Thanks to Harper gov’t policy, Canadian economy firing on all cylinders!

  1. Competence, class and the best Government in Canada my lifetime Sandy!
    Perfect? Heck No!
    But a loong way ahead of the latest Liberal Loser.
    Anywhere else in the world they would be dancing in the streets.
    MM just hates it when their is good news on the domestic front.
    But lookin’ at Junior, well, must suck to be them. JMO :<)


  2. Other than adding 25% to the national debt and letting the government of Communist China buy 1/3 of the oilsands, he’s great.


  3. So Fred, as I said at the end of my post, no gov’t is perfect. Re the national debt — how quickly people forget. By 2008, the Conservatives had already paid down many billions of that debt. Then, the Libs, NDP and Bloc demanded a stimulus package or they would install a coalition. So, the Tories did what they were asked to do. Naturally, that increased the debt. Now they have basically balanced the deficit and you complain. Such hypocrisy!

    The Chinese have bought 1/3 of the oilsands you say? Prove it with a respectable link. I have family in the oilsands and that allegation is just bunk. Have the Chinese invested in the oil sands? Of course, they have, with Nexen, but so what? It’s called trade. Here is a Comment from an Ivison column:

    The Conservatives did approve the takeover but also introduced new rules that stipulated that any investment in Canada by a state controlled enterprise greater than $344-million in asset value would trigger a review. The result: Investment in Canada by Chinese state-owned enterprises — which totaled $33-billion between 2005 and 2012 — has fallen off a cliff. The new rules state control of an oil sands business by a state-owned enterprise will only be deemed to be of net benefit to Canada in “exceptional” circumstances.”

    You want to see what a corrupt political party looks like and the mismanagement and doubling of government debt? That would be the Ontario Liberals?


  4. Good News for Canada! If only Canadians know of this; they will not be so distant nor allow any other to sway them. In fact, Hudak would have been elected. Or, for that matter, Kathleen Wynne would have been fired by now. But……

    Sandra, I remember Australian PM Abbott say on tv in front of the media ” He(PM Harper), may not be respected here(Canada), but he is respected internationally.” How very true. Imagine that, world leaders recognize and respect our PM. By bypassing all the rhetoric and BS of the Canadian media, those leaders made their own opinion of the our PM.

    Nice to see you back Sandra.


  5. Thanks Jen re my being back. I’ll not be posting every day but I will deal with some of the more important issues, from time to time, to try to counteract the exaggerations and outright lies.

    This post has received many retweets and that is good. People like Fred at 11:31am give out rumours and allegations without proof and, unfortunately, many believe them. I will try to overcome that.


  6. That is great news for sure. Sickening thought that the idiot Progressives in this country are so intent on getting their loser leader into Sussex Dr. so he can screw it all up and tell everybody what a great job he’s doing.


  7. Counteracting exaggerations and outright lies is almost a full time job at this time and I do wish our Conservatives were better at nipping them in he bud before they get set in as facts. The media will not bother to put out/seek out the facts if they don’t fit with their anti-Harper agenda.

    Having the best PM in memory and having the best economy counts for nothing with people who put their politics above what’s best for their country. With the situation we face in the ME and with Russian aggression against the Ukraine we need Harper’s knowledge and experience.


  8. Agree Liz. All too often, the PMO just seem to ignore what they should correct/deny immediately. They probably don’t want to look constantly defensive but over time — tell a lie often enough and people start believing it.


  9. Imagine how much better off Canada would be if Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec would put some effort into balancing their books and reducing government cost.


  10. Thinking we better keep our eye on Wynne, she’s demanding more money from the Feds and it’s very politically motivated IMO. We all know Ontario is in a state of historical indebtedness, beyond all other provinces put together and even the State of California to add more perspective, Finding someone else to blame is high priority and one which could well affect the Federal bottom line as well.

    I’m sure our Finance Minister Oliver is onto her game, he’s quite impressive so far.


  11. So true Liz. But after the June election, I have little faith in the majority of Ontarians figuring out what she is doing. It’s like the majority are in sleep mode. I had someone say to me recently that she was the only one she could trust when she voted. I was speechless! and that doesn’t happen very often. LOL


  12. By the way, I noticed that two of my older posts went up on the aggregator on the weekend. Have no idea how or why that happened. It was not due to anything I did.


  13. So we have the media hacks like Donald Martin of CTV politics show interviewing Brian Mulroney. Anyone suspicious as to why the interest in Mulroney’s opinion beyond assuming he might not have kind words for PM Harper? IMO this is the beginning of their heavy pounding to take down Harper campaign and will last until the election.

    I keep hearing phrases like people want change but change to what? Why would we want change for the sake of change when we are doing well with what we have and the replacement is so obviously risky?

    Another bugaboo phrase for me is “the people are always right”. That may be true if they are informed by a fair and balanced media so they can make informed decisions, we are not, the media is so anti-Conservative it’s palpable, they are an opposition party unto themselves.


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