Trudeau’s disgraceful misrepresentation re Harper, Citizenship & niqabs

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Yesterday Justin Trudeau, Leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, jumped the shark.

In a speech at a McGill alumni gathering in Toronto, he attempted to link the rejection of the Jews on the S.S. St. Louis in June of 1939 and the rejection of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims on the Komagata Maru in 1914, to Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative Government.

Why such a comparison? Believe it or not, because Mr. Harper does not believe a woman should be able to cover her face with a niqab during her oath of Citizenship.

Plus, Trudeau suggested that the Conservatives are waging a culture war against Muslims and used the same words, voiced by Liberal PM William Lyon McKenzie King to reject the Jews: None is too many.

Wow! And, who exactly is trying to wage a cultural war?

To hear Trudeau in his own words, here are two Rebel Media videos, one with Ezra Levant and one with Brian Lilley. Which means, that without Rebel, we wouldn’t know what Trudeau actually said and implied by his innuendo.

Which is why I am writing about it because every conservative voice can make a difference!

None is too many?

Talk about misrepresentation!

Let’s compare just a few of the immigration statistics from predominantly Muslim countries using 2004 numbers when the Liberals were in power to 2013 when the Tories were in power (At the 6:18 mark in Lilley’s video).

  • Pakistan – Liberal 13,399 in 2004 – Conservative 12,602 in 2013
  • Iran – Liberal 6,348 in 2004 – Conservative 11,291 in 2013
  • Nigeria – Liberal 1,518 in 2004 – Conservative 4,173 in 2013
  • Egypt – Liberal 2,393 in 2004 – Conservative 4,164 in 2013
  • Bangladesh – Liberal 2,660 in 2004 – Conservative 3,789 in 2013

Without a doubt, I believe Justin Trudeau owes the Canadian people an apology. If anyone is being divisive, it is him because the reality is that neither he nor Prime Minister Harper can do anything about the reality that it is Islamic extremists who are causing so much havoc in the world, particularly upon their fellow Muslims.

Ignoring that reality and twisting it is not about leadership. Rather, it’s about misrepresenting what your political opponents are all about through the worst possible type of innuendo.

And, why I say Trudeau has jumped the shark.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

17 thoughts on “Trudeau’s disgraceful misrepresentation re Harper, Citizenship & niqabs

  1. I guess he was trying to do a two for one by supposedly appealing to Muslim voters and Jewish voters. He also deliberately tried to imply that Harper was for the actions of the judge in Quebec who didn’t want a woman in a veil to testify before her. He knew that Harper had denied this.
    I also find despicable the journalists who imply that the Conservative government had the RCMP release the video of the Ottawa terrorist just before introducing strong anti terrorist legislation in Parliament. It was the RCMP who dragged their feet over releasing the video for so long and the opposition who pushed to have it released.


  2. I think the Liberal’s connection to the American Democrats is showing here. The Democrats whom I believe to be the most corrupt political machine in the free world have kept themselves in power by blaming all their past failures on Republicans. The Selma March was a march against Democrat legislation (Jim Crow Laws). Likewise sending the Jews back was a LIBERAL policy. The necromancer WLM King was PM at the time.

    My daughter is looking for a new job because of the misogyny of two of her recent immigrant co-workers. Yes they come from an Islamic nation and yes they both practice Islam. Guess which side of the great divide I come down on knowing full well that the face covering incident has supremacist overtones. The woman in the case is trying to say that the laws of Islam take president over the laws of Canada. BTW my wife wears a head covering based on the book of ! Corinthians but she has no trouble removing it to get her photo taken for her drivers license. As Jesus said render unto Caesar.


  3. You know what? Those extremists who wish us harm must be laughing their heads off … as their terrorist confrères slice off their hostages’ head and as we western societies twist ourselves into pretzels trying to justify our pronunciamentos.

    We have two leaders of our political parties pronouncing on what they think are cultural and/or religious requirements while neither, I would bet, has a profound knowledge of the culture and/or religion they’re commenting on — nor do I, for that matter.

    Then we have Treasury Board President Tony Clement stating that the niqab is welcome in the public service and that he’s sure there are niqab wearers employed by the public service. In addition to that, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander apparently doesn’t know the difference between a hijab and a niqab.

    What we all should focus on instead is our own Canadian customs and traditions: we look askance at those who refuse to show their face, preferring to wear a mask-like garment, and thus impeding social interaction. We welcome immigrants (I was one of them) but we expect them to adapt to their new country. If new arrivals expect instead to lead the exact same life they left behind, why bother emigrating? A change of scenery is not the only thing emigrating entails.


  4. Hi Gabby, I have full moderation on which is why there is a pause or delay in posting the comments. So, no, you weren’t sent to the filter! 🙂


  5. Gabby,

    However, I just noticed you have two hyperlinks. If I had not been on full moderation, your comment definitely would have gone to the filter. So, you were right about that! Anyway, the good news is that with full moderation, you can leave as many links as you want.


  6. Thanks, good to know. I don’t mind the idea of a filter, it’s just that I sometimes forget not to include more than 1 link. in this case, though, it was unavoidable.


  7. I sometimes edit my comment offline but I may have forgotten to paste the final version … so this last sentence of my comment “A change of scenery is not the only thing emigrating entails.” should read “A change of scenery is not what emigrating entails — adapting to the welcoming society is.”


  8. I sincerely question if Jr. knows who was PM from 1935-48, he was a substitute drama teacher, not a history lecturer. I believe Butts or whoever wrote this leaves Liberals open to ridicule as obviously WLM King had a strangle hold on government for decades.
    King also would be the PM approving the internment of Canadians in early 1942; the justice minister signing the order was another Liberal icon Louis St Laurent. The problem with Liberals forming administrations for so many years, is that they are responsible for many of the dubious policies present members like Butts and Trudeau would wish to hang on the CPC.
    In my opinion this just will not work, Canadians know far more history than these two, and many commentators will simply point out the facts.


  9. Matthew Mendelson of the Mowatt Center admitted on the John Moore show on talk1010 radio show yesterday morning that he is mostly responsible for writing that speech. This supposedy well educated man doesn’t know history or figures the great unwashed wouldn’t know and the Liberals and their main stream media support will spin it for them. The MSM must be getting quite dizzy with all the spinnin they must do.


  10. All great comments. I think we are all agreed that whoever wrote that speech for Trudeau, hadn’t a clue about Canadian history. As Helen said, it apparently was Matthew Mendelson. Yet, if you look at his bio here, he should have known better!


  11. Agreed Mendelson spent 10 years at Queens Dept Political Studies!

    An important point to all of this is no one is suggesting Jr. is capable of writing his own speech, and more importantly, he will spit out whatever is scripted for him without any attempt at editing. This is what Canadians are looking for in a PM in these very stressful times? I don’t think so.


  12. I was a speech writer for my MPP and it is a challenging task. But, what you have to do, which Mendelson obviously did not do, was go through the final draft and ask “what if” questions. Lots of what if questions. In other words, he should have asked himself how the 1939 and 1914 historical wrongs relate to what the Conservatives are doing or will do? Do they relate? As we know, no they sure don’t. Plus, he should have looked up the current immigration stats. He did not do Trudeau any favours that is for sure. The reality is that political writing is like no other writing.


  13. Martin — What my boss used to do was hand me a piece of paper with 6-10 points on it that he wanted to cover in a speech — depending on the audience of course. Then, I wrote what I thought he wanted to say. I gave a draft back to him and he would scribble all the changes he wanted. You have to be able to take that kind of feedback/criticism with a grain of salt which I could. Then, I would rewrite and he’d do the same thing again. It usually took 3 rewrites for him to be okay with everything. And, he would question me about stats. What happened to Trudeau is very strange. While Mendelson is highly qualified, he still has to be able to accommodate the person he is writing the speech for. Politicians just don’t have time to write speeches is the reality. But, they ought to be able to proof them before they read them.


  14. Interesting article by Tasha Kheiriddin available to non-subscribers:

    She takes a different tack than I did in my previous comment, raising the cultural & religious arguments around the niqab and asking these questions of Justin Trudeau:
    “Would Trudeau be comfortable with a hooded Klansman taking the oath of citizenship? Or a Nazi wearing a swastika armband? Or an anarchist wearing a balaclava? Even if you defend the niqab on religious lines, you run up against the fact that not all religious beliefs are defensible. Would it be OK for a man — either Muslim or Christian — to bring his four wives to the citizenship ceremony, because his God says plural marriage is a right?”

    Similar info. posted at SDA.


  15. The thing that really bothers me about this whole story is how Trudeau and the media are saying PM Harper is dividing Canadians. I beg to differ. It’s the media and Trudeau who are trying to do this very thing with lies. PM Harper is just against having your faces covered during the citizenship ceremony… NOT wearing head scarves. The spin in the media is so overboard and untrue!!!!! Cripes, we see ISIS in black hoods with just their eyes showing burning people in cages and shooting people in the head and chopping their heads off. We don’t need to see women in Canada with just their eyes showing saying the citizenship. Trudeau and his handlers and CBC, are just trying to get Muslim votes away from the Conservatives to move over to the lying Liberals. It is so obvious. Trudeau’s speech trying to tie this in with the turning away of the Jewish people(by a LIBERAL Prime minister BTW) in the 1930’s was so PATHETIC and INSULTING. Why is that part not being reported by the Trudeau media? It made me LIVID!!! Why are the women on CBC and CTV etc NOT wearing the full veils??? When is Justin Trudeau going to open his election campaign in a MOSQUE??

    PS I see a poll gone wrong for CBC on this topic tonight.


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