Liberal desperation for power starts with former PM Martin’s criticisms

Paul Martin speaks for Justin Trudeau

I suppose it was predictable. The Liberal Party of Canada’s desperation to return to power is so great, they had to bring out former Prime Minister Paul Martin to rattle the cages. How does he do that? By actually saying the Conservative economic plan is a disgrace. Here is the link to Brian Lilley’s response on this topic.

So, Martin suggests the Action Plan was a disgrace? You want to know what is a disgrace?  The Liberal Government — back in the 1990a when Martin was Finance Minister — balanced the federal budget on the backs of the provinces. And, as the NDP posted on their website in September 2014, took $50 billion from the EI fund.

What is also disgraceful is the fact this man and his supporters forced out former Liberal PM Jean Chretien. I may not have liked Chretien but I did vote for him during the time the Conservatives were in the wilderness.

For the most part, however, what Martin’s rant exposes is the lack of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s knowledge base and credibility. Can Mr. Trudeau not respond to the economic situation on his own? Is he that clueless on the topic that he has to bring out a former PM and Finance Minister, the one who actually lost to the Conservatives in January of 2006?

Seems the answer is yes.

But, of course, if the Conservatives were not going to balance the budget in their soon-to-be-presented report on April 21st, 2015, they would be hammered on that, rather than not spending enough (shades of the coalition threat in 2008/09 when the Liberals and NDP demanded a stimulus package.)

Latest Liberal Ad is full of lies

Yes, I said lies. Not exaggerations but outright lies. Justin Trudeau says in the new Liberal ad that the Conservative government has reduced Old Age Security and is out to hurt seniors. Sorry Mr. Trudeau, but the opposite is true. I have been receiving the OAS for most of the time the Conservatives have been in power and I have only ever experienced small increases — not once a reduction. Plus, there is that little matter of pension income splitting for senior couples benefiting us hugely because, usually, one pension is higher than the other.

Check out the Rebel Media video response by Marissa Semkiw. It is extremely thorough and puts the truth to Mr. Trudeau’s lies.

The liberal media demonizing Mr. Harper

Lastly, there are the Canadian liberal journalists who are trying to demonize Mr. Harper for any number of reasons. Interesting that a long-time friend of mine, who is a diehard Liberal, mentioned to me the other day that the Liberal Party of Canada was “trying too hard” to demonize Mr. Harper, that it was beginning to look like desperation.


Expect also a media overload of Mike Duffy in the days ahead. In my opinion, however, no matter what Mr. Duffy and his lawyer may suggest, only Duffy himself and his staff are the ones who submitted his expense forms. With regard to Nigel Wright, only liberals/Liberals would consider it bribery or wrong to give money back to taxpayers.

The crux of the matter

The crux of the matter is that outright lies and exaggerations are not going to get the Liberals re-elected as the governing party. Without a vision, people perish, something the federal Liberals should remember. All Conservatives have to do is ask people if they are better off now than nine years ago. Most would say “yes” because, for one thing, we pay fewer taxes (although in Ontario, the Liberal Government has taken back most of what we saved in federal taxes).

Something to think about when Canadians vote on October 19th, 2015.

In the meantime, I will leave this post up so that conservatives can complain about anything they want. The comment feature will be on partial moderation, so that if you have one comment approved, the second comment will publish immediately — unless you are on my moderation list.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

34 thoughts on “Liberal desperation for power starts with former PM Martin’s criticisms

  1. Sad the Liberals have come to such low tactics and without credibility to boot. Trudeau and his brain trust are latching onto anything and anyone they can use to draw attention. As for Paul Martin, I’ve lost all respect for him, he criss-crossed the country lying about Harper and the Conservative party in his final frenetic attempt to hold power. The lies continue, it’s all they have, PM Harper’s government has done more for the seniors and the armed forces than any Liberal government in memory

    We just need to see strong rebuttals from the Conservatives, the PM as well, on all the lies and damned lies as they put them out.

    It’s a shame on Paul Martin he can’t go off and retire gracefully, more prof he just doesn’t get the fact he was rejected by the people, including a faction of the LPC. He was a big part of the major divide in that party, they lost very important people like John Manley who no longer wanted any part of their mess.

    Bottom line, they must be very worried. Good.


  2. Paul Martin remains one of the most over rated Finance Ministers ever, a legend in Liberal eyes and in his own mind. One other trick he he used to balance his budgets was to amortize federal public servant pension surpluses to lower government liabilities. In April 2000, the Liberal government passed Bill C-78 and changed how the pension funds were collected, managed and distributed. This was later found to be legal by SC, but as with most of Marin’s schemes they could only be used once. Successive Finance Minister didn’t have that option.

    He is most remembered for his last losing campaign where he proved capable of saying and doing anything to prevent a CPC victory. Anyone for his air guitar video in Winnipeg?


  3. When Martin became best pals with Union boss Buzz Hargrove who then had a big publicity stunt presenting him with a leather union jacket was another standout ploy. He probably doesn’t know a guitar from a banjo or fiddle so pretending to play one is about as phony as him pretending he cared about seniors’ pensions beyond using gullible seniors as tools. Many thought they would be losing their pensions. We don’t need people of that ilk in politics but that’s the path strewn with lies the LPC of today are going down.


  4. I also remember when Mr. Martin was riding the hay wagon and a wheel fell off. But, I think you are all correct, at this point for the next five months, its going to be anti-Harper 24/7. Which is why conservative bloggers, me included, have to get back to regular blogging to refute some of the lies.


  5. Yes, he was a much over rated Finance Minister but took all the accolades . ‘I’d bet when Chretien was the boss, Martin marched to his tune and needed his approval for anything he did with books. Notice how the media and Opposition like to accuse Harper of micro managing all portfolios, including Finance when they never mentioned such a thing when Chretien was boss.

    Now the poor Liberals have Chrystia Freeland as financial adviser to Trudeau, her qualifications being she wrote a couple of books about wealthy people. Wonder if McCallum or Brison feel a tad overlooked?


  6. Oh yeah, that wheel falling off the hay wagon was so representative of where he and his party were headed. That was priceless fodder.


  7. I believe that the desperation being shown comes from the idea that Jr Trudeau may not achieve power. Good grief they are dragging in the man of a million number one top priorities to offer a critique of PM Harper’s sound management.

    What I do find somewhat amusing and at the same time baffling is the idea that only the Laurentian elite represent Canadians and Canadian values. Of course I have encountered it all my life (the soft bigotry of southern Ontario) that you’re not a real Canadian unless you live in Southern Ontario and I see it reflected on a daily basis in the media which once again is controlled by the Laurentian Elite. Under Trudeau senior we saw a naked grab for total dominance making 99% of Canada subject to the tiny speck of Canada that exists south of Lake Simcoe. That little power struggle almost cost us the country and fortunately we now have a PM that realizes that ALL of Canada matters and thus he reversed course taking Canada back to its Confederation roots.


  8. Re McCallum and Brison, Ralph Goodale especially. Wasn’t he the Finance Minister after Martin? The truth is the Liberals stand for nothing at the moment, other than anyone but Harper. Martin just reminds everyone of the Sponsorship Scandal.


  9. The sad thing is that at one time I, along with many Canadians, had nothing but respect for Martin. When he finally became PM, he was called Mr. Dithers by the media. How soon they forget that he couldn’t make a decision for fear of upsetting someone. That’s not leadership. No leader can please everyone.


  10. Martin as finance minister changed taxation laws for registering companies offshore, and then did exactly that with his own company, thereby avoiding paying Canadian tax rates. Bringing Martin forward as a champion of seniors and being able to pay the bills? Martin helped Kathleen Wynne in the last Ontario election. Don’t remember him mouthing any concern over seniors struggling with skyrocketing electricity bills due to Liberal energy policy.


  11. It wasn’t only the NDP that said the Liberal government raided the EI fund. The Supreme Court did as well.
    “Supreme Court of Canada rules on transfer of EI funds to deficit
    By Yosie Saint-Cyr, LL.B., Managing Editor at—Canadian Payroll and Employment Law News, December 2008

    The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that, during the early 2000, the governing liberal party, illegally collected employment insurance contributions for three years. Moreover, the government violated the law in financing the employment insurance system by transforming premiums paid by workers and employers into an unconstitutional payroll tax. The Court declared that the versions of ss. 66.1 and 66.3 of the Employment Insurance Act (EI) that applied in 2002, 2003 and 2005 are invalid and that employers’ and employees’ premiums were collected unlawfully without the necessary legislative authorization. …”

    “… In the 7-0 ruling, the judges gave the government one year to fix its unconstitutional error of “taxation without representation” in 2002, 2003, and 2005 …”

    Apparently Paul Martin cannot accept that he’s been rejected by the people of Canada. Every so often he seeks to be in the limelight again and CBCer Evan Solomon et al accommodate his reapperances. Such a needy person!


  12. What needs to be remembered is that options for any Canadian Finance Minister are largely determined by what is happening in the US economy. That Martin oversaw finance at the time of an expanding US and world growth made his task that much easier. Generally overlooked by Liberals and their media sidekicks. Jim Flaherty was not so lucky.


  13. CBC, power & politics tonight…Mike Duffy….CTV, power play…Mike Duffy…..CPAC….Mike Duffy…..The hail mary of the left, trying to make this the equivalent of the LIBERAL SPONSERSHIP SCANDAL. Watch Peter Mansbridge tonight….should be an all out attack against the CONSERVATIVE party and trying to make some bogus connection to PM Harper on The National.
    Why don’t we hear about the $230+ thousand dollars in illegal funds paid back by LIBERAL Marc HARB? His court case comes up in Aug…. no mention of that anywhere!!!Then we have Liberal Raymond Lavigne in prison for 6 months. No mention of that!!!! Then we have the audit currently on the senators….lots of LIBERAL senators with suspicious expenses…Liberal Rose Marie Cool asked to account for $100,000….Liberal Serge Joyal has suspicious expenses….Liberal Pana Merchant has refused to co-operate…according to CTV. BUT..BUT….CBC only mentioned Conservative Nancy Ruth…(appointed by Paul martin and she supported liberal Wynne, not mentioned) What a joke.
    The NDP are acting all holy…Pay back the $2.7 MILLION dollars they owe taxpayers in illegal satellite offices. This is just the start…get ready for the media …they are in FULL TRUDEAU election GEAR.
    Then there is the Provincial Liberals…BILLIONS!!!!!!…..crickets.


  14. One of the best posts you ever did was on Harper’s accomplishments since he formed government. I referred people to it whenever the usual,”what’s he ever done” theme came up. I notice you still have them up on your sidebar,so again I’ll be sending anyone who asks that question to your site. Frankly,I don’t think they really want to know,they just love to say negative things about Stephen Harper.

    The media is already in full tilt campaign mode,Michael Harris columns are the worst,the man suffers HDS. The Toronto Star always has been openly Liberal, and with CTV,CBC, and Global also all-in for Justin, the fawning over Margaret Trudeau junior is about to become even more nauseating.

    I keep telling myself,”surely Canadians can’t be THAT stupid”, but then I read the comments at CBC…..


  15. Actually Paul reminds me of the Senate spending brouhaha in so far as he was the PM that appointed Ms Camembert & Crackers.


  16. Hi Ontario Girl. Be careful when you mention names. I have left your comment as is because everything you said has already been in the media. Frustrating to say the least. But, we went through this is 2011 as well and Canadians weren’t fooled. I just can’t imagine young parents who start to get the increase in the UCC, not remembering on October 19th.


  17. Don — I plan to keep the 2015 list up to date. So far, the security legislation is still in committee. Also, I am sure, there will be items I can add with the budget. The thing is, though, I don’t put promises, only what has already or about to happen.


  18. Conservative policy is infallible. There is no possible argument against Harper’s policies.


  19. Agree with most of what said but not a disgrace that Martin and his posse got rid of Chretien. Chretien was a thug, point final. Of course they got rid of him for other reasons.


  20. We know without checking all the newspapers rolling out today will have the name and picture of Mike Duffy. Wonder if this is bolstered because he was part of the media with whom he became a pariah for accepting a Conservative senate seat and would they be as concerned about the alleged misspending if he were a Liberal Senator? I think we know the answer.

    Bottom line, our system requires the PM of the day to appoint people to fill vacant Senate seats. The PM does not run the Senate, those appointed are expected to play by the rules as laid down in that place. IMO PM Harper should have stayed well away from the problem beyond booting Duffy from caucus and let the Senate and now the courts deal with it.

    This might well all backfire on those who plan to use this as fodder against Harper , he has tried to make the Senate appointment process more democratic by having the provinces elect them before being appointed but got very little co-operation.

    As for campaigning to abolish the Senate as Mulcair is doing or symbolically disowning all Liberal appointed Senators as Trudeau has done may not bode too well in Quebec where they are very much in favour of keeping the Senate as is.

    Meanwhile I look forward to some sage and sane commentary from Rex Murphy as this all unfolds. Loved his take on the Nancy Ruth kerfuffle “Breakfast can be the most dangerous meal of the day”.


  21. Geo – Everyone here would like to see another Conservative Government — but no government policy is infallible because they are developed and implemented by human beings, who are anything but infallible. That view is profoundly anti-democratic because it does not allow a dialectic between one viewpoint and another.


  22. Liz J — Great analysis. I missed that Murphy column. I’ll have to look it up. The media love to say that Nancy Ruth is a Conservative Senator but she was appointed by Paul Martin.


  23. I enjoyed reading the exchange above.

    Martin deserves nothing but contempt as his balancing the budget was on the backs of the provinces but has been portrayed by the Liberal Party and by the media as a brilliant fiscal act.

    Sandy, you suggest, “The crux of the matter is that outright lies and exaggerations are not going to get the Liberals re-elected as the governing party. ” I would offer, look at the last two elections in the US and closer to home, the last election in Ontario. It seems voters prefer lies and corrupt financial incompetency.


  24. Justin of Trudeau ain’t lookin’ so good, if digging up former PM Martin (Troops in our streets, with guns) is supposed to impress, it does not.
    I still remember him and Jean Chretain taking the EI fund for what , 45 billion dollars.
    Paul was a dithering failure as PM.
    We can expect a lot more of this, as election time draws near.


  25. Thanks to N.B. Tory Gal for a Tweet with a Huff Post article worth reading by J. J. McCullough. His first paragraph states:

    “Contrary to the sensationalistic headlines appearing everywhere as of late, the big, long, RCMP report released yesterday about the Nigel Wright/Mike Duffy Senate payoff brouhaha doesn’t contain much for the Prime Minister to fear. Let alone give him reason to fear for his job.”


  26. I have been listening to all the media reports on this all day off & on. What a CBC & CTV REAL witch hunt by the media. All media at this trial and no one else. Probably all CBC staff. My god…they can hold their breath for 40 + days and they have NOTHING!!! CBC FROTHING at the mouth and the real story here should be the biased media against the Conservative Govt. I think Justin Trudeau must really be tanking in the Liberal insiders pole. I am looking forward to this microscopic scrutiny into the Aug. 10th fraud trial of Liberal Marc Harb…..NOT!!! CBC is looking so FOOLISH to any average Canadian with any knowledge or brains. On Power Play tonight, Fife and Toronto star Harper were STRAINING themselves to have ANYTHING RELEVENT to report. It was such an ACT of desperation. Oh God…I can’t believe this is our Canadian MEDIA!!!!!


  27. Ontario Girl — Don’t forget to read the Huff Post article I just posted. The tweets I have been sending include that link. There are so many incorrect assumptions flying around. In a month or so they are all going to look foolish.

    Harper Gov’t Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in so many of the mainstream media and their followers on Twitter. If there was a grain of truth, I would stand back but there is nothing but a Senator who felt he would look guilty if he paid any money back himself.

    For legal reasons, I am being careful here.


  28. My favourite was the Harper tow truck towing the Liberal campaign bus when it broke down.


  29. Duffy and the media have one thing in common, they’re both out to GET Harper but in doing so they’re losing more credibility which is already in deficit. Harper haters like CBC’s Terry Milewski (sp) will be in their glory drumming on ad nauseum .

    CBC will have Rex Murphy commenting tonight on The National, it will be interesting to hear his take.

    Duffy is on trial, he’s been charged, not the PM or the Conservative government. In a way I’m ashamed to see the media in this country make such fools of themselves in their desperation, amateur hour comes to mind.

    Can anyone imagine what the same pack of wolves would have done had Harper not booted out the Senators who were accused? It’s not up to the PM to defend any charges of wrong doing of any sort by Senators appointed by him, it’s a Senate responsibility, it will play out in the court. It’s sickening to hear media say this case has rocked the Conservative party to it’s foundation but that’s the lead-up in some reports. We know where they’re coming from.


  30. Concerning Duffy.
    If the media and the liberal punditry build up expectations of a huge smoking gun and the court doesn’t deliver, that story is going to disappear. At the rate they’re raving you would have to think they where sacrificing virgins in the PMO.
    This sure has the feel that the laurentian elite is trying to get back to the good old days.
    When Harper appointed Duffy two groups took exception, the laurentian elite, and the Ottawa press gallery.
    When the opportunity came to burn Duffy and Harper they jumped but didn’t realize that it put their behavior under the spot light as well. There is now too many examples of what Duffy is accused of that 40 or so senators are being scrutinized for now too. Regardless of how this trial goes, reforming or abolishing the senate is now a ballot question….yeah I guess status quo (liberal position) could be an option, but saying you want to fix something without changing it kind of defies logic…which means Leisuresuit Larry will campaign on it.


  31. Does anyone else wonder why it takes the wheels of justice so much longer to deal with/prosecute charges against Liberal politicians? Be they senators or government like Ontario’s Air Ambulance , ORNG, etc where people actually died, we have silence from the media, or Liberal Senator Mac Harb who has allegedly stuck us for much more money than any of the Conservative Senators, silence beyond mentioning his name …..they haven’t been dealt with, no circus. Then we have as a pile-on effort the big deal with Nancy Ruth, would she be targeted for her cold cheese and broken crackers comments if she were not in the Senate as a Conservative?


  32. Interesting about Senator Nancy Ruth Liz. She was appointed by Paul Martin and sat initially as a PC. She is the sister of former Ontario LT. Gov. Hal Jackman. Now she sits as a Conservative and the media go after her — but you will note, not as much as other Conservative Senators.

    Keep watch for a new post later today on that Huff Post column that explains there is nothing to see in the Report. People talk on Twitter as thought this Duffy trial was related to the CPC. The Conservative Party is quite separate from the PMO but some don’t seem to realize it.


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