Comparing the “left” in UK & Canada shows “progressives” are sore losers

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It has been a very strange couple of weeks in the U.K. and Canada. In the U.K., for example, we heard that the Conservatives under David Cameron, unexpectedly given the polls, won a majority government.

Yet, shortly after Cameron visited the Queen to put that election result in place, we heard that thousands on the so-called progressive “left” were furious and protesting the democratic result.

In fact, as noted in the above photo, someone actually defaced a women’s WWII monument with the words “F*** Tory scum.” Meaning, that because a progressive party in the U.K. (e.g., Labour) didn’t win enough seats to govern — their media and supporters were having a tantrum.

Moreover, the morning after the U.K. election result, I noticed the Daily Mirror actually had “Five more damned years” printed on a black background on their front page. Democracy be damned as it were.

Which brings me to the recent Alberta election. Progressive Conservative (PC) supporters no doubt were flabbergasted with the result and disappointed. Yet, even with just over the 40% popular vote statistics, I haven’t heard anyone protesting in the hundreds that the voters who elected the Notley Alberta NDP were scum.

Unfortunately, this progressives as sore losers is not a new phenomenon. It was similar in Ontario in June of 1995 when the Mike Harris PCs swept the NDP from power with a solid majority government. I worked for one of those MPPs during that mandate and was invited, with his family, when he gave his oath of office. Believe it or not, it was only two weeks from the date of the election, yet outside the legislature there were hundreds of protestors yelling “shame, shame.”

I wondered then who should be ashamed since the PCs hadn’t done anything yet except win an election. Now I know, given the reaction in Canada over the past few years and now in the U.K. The progressives were yelling shame at the voters who dared to vote conservative.

So, this morning I wasn’t surprised to read a Mail Online column entitled The Incredible Sulk because the sulking in the U.K. sounds so familiar to me. Take the last four years in Canada, for example.

Since the May 2, 2011 federal vote produced a majority Conservative Government in Ottawa, NDP, Green and Liberal media and party supporters have been whining and yes, sulking, that the Conservatives stole the 2011 election because: (1) of robocalls; (2) of mistakes made by Election Canada; and/or (3) 60% of the voters didn’t vote for them.

Never mind that every political party uses robocalls. Never mind that Elections Canada, in spite of clerical errors declared the election valid.  And never mind that progressive parties often win with around 39 or 40% of the vote with few questioning their legitimacy. In fact, the Bob Rae NDP won a majority government in Ontario in September of 1990 with only 37.6% of the popular vote and I saw no protesting by conservatives over that reality.

The crux of the matter is that progressives are closer to regressives when they lose an election because they endlessly protest and blame voters for the result when conservatives win.  While conservatives, whether small “c” or capital “C”, simply express their disappointment when they lose an election and then get on with life — knowing there is always the next time.

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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

26 thoughts on “Comparing the “left” in UK & Canada shows “progressives” are sore losers

  1. Sore losers for sure. Seems the progressives don’t like our first past the post system of democracy, they show no respect for the people’s choice unless they are the winners. We saw the happy faces and the sing-a-long in the Hill from the Federal NDP when Notley won in Alberta, nary a mention of the percentage that got her there.

    Recall all the braying from the progressives when Harper won, the old 60% or whatever that didn’t vote for the Conservatives.


  2. I noticed the CBC were all over the UK election until Conservative David Cameron won a majority. Then the coverage disappeared from CBC “The National” and went back to NDP could win Federally because of Alberta. Just say you will give the CBC MORE money in the upcoming election and your their “DARLINGS”. Never saw so much NDP coverage from CBC in my life until now.


  3. To paraphrase St Paul: Because they did not honor God, they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools.

    I have heard it said that in order to completely fool a person you first must educate them and this is what I see in much of the anti-conservative/anti Christian progressives. They are told they are educated which means that anyone who disagrees with them is uneducated. They are told they are intellectuals which means anyone who disagrees with them is unintelligent. They believe that their education has bestowed upon them a scientific mind therefore anyone who disagrees with them is anti science.

    Of course it is completely oblivious to their darkened minds that only in Christianity do you find true intellectualism, real wisdom and real knowledge. Why? Because that is Who the Second Person of the Trinity IS. Until you recognize that Truth you can never grasp the truth that “We know in part and we see in part as through a glass darkly”. Our humanity and all its failures prevents us from knowing fully.


  4. Joe, I would have preferred you deal only with the political aspect of this post as not all conservatives share your opinion about God.


  5. Heh heh heh. Sorry Sandy not trying to upset anyone – its just that I was never called to be a politician.


  6. Another good and timely post Sandy!
    Remember McGuinty and his “Major Minority”?
    When young middle aged Mr Trudeau stands in the house and whines about “60% did not vote for Harper” he seems to not notice 80% did not vote for him and his party either.
    If being elected to parliament required 50 +1% what would parliment have looked like after the last election?
    107 Tories
    36 NDP
    2 Liberals
    We are living in interesting times Sandy, have you heard anything about the floorcrossing in Alberta having had Preston Mannings fingerprints all over it?
    If that is at all true he deserves the Joe Clark award for bad moves JMO


  7. Good post! Typically of the Liberal Left, they’re all for democracy and free speech…as long as everyone votes for them and agrees with them.

    Increasingly, I cannot escape the conclusion that inevitably the adults in a given society tend to be conservatives.


  8. Another thing progressives do is fail to account for their roles in the loss and to dismiss or exclude commentary challenging that. Nixing this post will prove me right ‘eh Sandy?


  9. Bobbie — I just haven’t time for your dismissive and know-it-all attitude. I blog because I want to in order to express my opinion and support the political parties and politicians of my choice. I also blog about educational and special needs issues given that is my field of expertise.

    Therefore, I welcome people here who want to discuss issues that are in keeping with the topic of my posts — and yes, they are like minded people because I have absolutely no obligation to argue with someone who has an entirely different opinion. If you want that kind of commentary, start your own blog.

    For example, as is usually the case, your comment did not refer in any meaningful way to what I actually wrote in this post.

    Whatever. You are banned from CotM. As such, please note that this is the last comment of yours I will approve.


  10. Actually Bubba, I had heard that about Manning as well. D. Smith said on one of the main networks, I believe it was Sun at the time, that she had discussed the whole issue with him. So, yes, he seems to have had a personality change.


  11. Bobbie — I just checked your IP against someone else I know who hasn’t left a comment here for a long time and they are nearly identical. I was suspicious because of the argumentative bating nature of your words. Anyway, as I said, you are banned from here no matter what handle you choose to use.


  12. Agree on both counts Al.

    It’s my belief conservative minded people tend to be more for the common good and less for the ‘what’s in it for me” doctrine. Another reason the Unions never back conservatives.


  13. I think Joe Clark has been replaced by Jim Prentice not Preston Manning. I have lost a lot of respect for Manning since he has adopted a lot of lefty policies but one thing is for certain he called it right when he said that unless the right in Alberta was united it would lose the next election. What I think what happened is that neither Danielle or Jim had any following in their little political romance. Jim lost his left flank and Danielle lost her right flank. Jim tried to regain his left flank with his progressive budget while Danielle moldered on the back bench looking ever more foolish for moving so far to the left.


  14. Joe- Some people just seem to have political instincts to win. Jean Chretien was like that. So is Stephen Harper. Joe Clark, on the other hand, just never seemed to get it right. Maybe from an Albertan’s point of view, Prentice and Smith join the crowd, but I still think Clark is well ahead. LOL IMO, Danielle Smith would now likely be Premier had she stayed put. So sad. She will have to remake herself but that doesn’t seem to be happening given what I have been reading about her attempt to rewrite her history.


  15. I’m no fan of Joe Clark but he was in a minority situation and was lost the confidence of the House with a poorly planned tax increase. Prentice had a HUGE majority and no need to call an election for another year. He presented a stinker of a budget then called an election! I doubt that Danielle could have stayed leader of the WRP. She had lost a general election that was her’s for the taking and the lost 4 byelections by wide margins. One of the reasons she moved to the PCs was because she realized she could not stay on as party leader. The regular WR members were calling for her head. I think that had Danielle remained WR leader Jim Prentice would be leader of the opposition not Brian Jean as the Danielle rose had definitely fallen off the stem.


  16. I suggest you read the comments section in the media when the topic of the Alberta NDP comes up, my goodness you’d think it was the beginning of the Apocolypse, doooooom, dooooooom. And what they say about previous NDP is often dishonest.


  17. Brachina, I am not referring to commenters. Of course, people are worried. No, I was referring to hysterical protestors. Protestors who deface a monument. Protestors by the hundreds who scream “shame, shame” immediately after the Mike Harris PCs were elected — before they did anything.

    There is a big difference between the two.

    Besides, we in Ontario know only too well how bad NDP government’s can be. Speaking of doom, we lived with one scandal after another for five very long years. I mean, Shelly Martel had to have a lie detector test to prove she was lying when she said she didn’t give out private medical information.

    Yet, while complaining through 1990 to 1995, the only actual protestors I ever saw at Queen’s Park were a couple of bus loads of doctors when the NDP forbid extra billing.

    Yet, now we have a type of extra billing anyway, when doctors can bill for extra services.


  18. There is a Telegraph column that discusses this very issue, by Janet Daley. (H/T Jack’s Newswatch) She equates the lack of the left being able to listen to Marxism and almost a religious experience. What amazed me is that I used the same monument photo image. Here is the link.


  19. Liz J, they have never stopped going on about 60% not voting for Harper. This is not by accident as it is all part of the agitprop method of undermining society by brainwashing that only the leftist parties are legitimate.

    I agree with those suggesting the Manning has turned as his recent pronouncements about climate change and political leanings are not what I would have heard from him when he went around having breakfast meetings those many years ago.


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