Canada ranked as “most admired” in the world

H/T NewswatchCanada.
H/T NewswatchCanada.

Yes, you read that title right. Contrary to Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair, Canada has once again been ranked the most admired country in the world by the Reputation Institute.

Here is a paragraph and link to a CTV item related to that result:

We all love Canada because of several things” said Fernando Prado, a Managing Partner of the Institute with responsibility for Spain and Latin America….”In particular, he praised Canada for its ‘effective government,’ ‘absence of corruption,’ ‘friendly and welcoming people’ and welfare support system.‘”

I will repeat for all those Harper haters out there. Canada has the most effective government in the entire world, including the other members of the G8. Oh, and yes, there is an absence of corruption in Canada!

No, the Institute is not some extreme right wing think tank. Rather, it is a successful international issues management company with its primary corporate location in the Boston area.

In other words, The Reputation Institute provides communications training to some of the worlds most successful employees. On their website, for example, the “About Us” header page says that they have 400 clients representing 1000 global corporations.

That’s huge!

So, The Reputation Institute knows something about quality of life and, as a result of their extensive research shows, Canada is ranked at the very top — again.

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Update: Noon July 16th — Interesting. I went looking for the CTV entry again and all I found was the video. The column explaining the poll results is now missing. I listened to Prado again on the video and it is shockingly positive to know which countries we are competing with. The Institutes research team interviewed or questioned 48,000 people around the globe, including all the countries in the G8.

Canada ranked first, Norway second, Sweden third and Australia fourth. Meaning, we sure are in good company!


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

23 thoughts on “Canada ranked as “most admired” in the world

  1. The column by Josh Elliott is still at your link Sandy. I watched The National on CBC last night to see if they might feature this great story somewhere in the show – but no. Guess it wouldn’t really fit with their running Media-Party narrative of Stephen Harper and his Conservative government ruining Canada’s reputation around the world. Haha… far from it!
    Nice to see country and government get the credit they deserve, placing 1st on the list four years out of the last five, and 2nd in the one year we got bumped.
    I hope the PM and all the Conservative members will be trumpeting these results all the way to the election.


  2. Hi Guffman. Right you are. Thankfully, my link to CTV still works. But, when I go directly go the CTV website, I can’t find it. Can you see if you can find it? I am amazed that the National didn’t have it on last night. Anything that makes PM Harper or the Conservatives look good gets ignored. Sad really that their bias by omission is so obvious.


  3. I had no luck finding from the column through CTV’s main pages either. Being part of the media “consortium” themselves, it’s not a big surprise that it was pulled quickly from the main links. It was far too complimentary a piece towards the government.
    And re: CBC… what other country’s national broadcaster wouldn’t air a great national story like being named the “most admired country in the world” for the fourth time?? Disgraceful of the CBC, but also what we’ve come to expect of them.


  4. Paul — Shocked that Canada ranked # 1 or shocked the TV media don’t want Canadians to know. I truly hope the Tories do an ad that includes the honour because, remember, Trudeau thought China was the best country in the world and Mulcair still is a dual citizen with France.


  5. Googling Reputation Institute with CBC brings up nothing current, but a segment of The Current from 2013 titled Has Canada’s International reputation gone south. The host interviews a representative of RI, but he informs him that Canada is in 1st place, No amount of leading questions can get the man to say anything negative about Canada, much to the frustration of the host. Perhaps this is why CBC do not carry news involving the RI.

    The link is here


  6. Thanks for the link Martin. Can you imagine CBC ignoring this report if Mr. Chretien was still PM. They would be all over it.


  7. sandy you don’t mind if i link this to twitter will you i have over a 1000 followers


  8. The BBC (Biased Broadcasting Company) in the UK. Brits are lucky, if they do not want to watch, they do not buy a license. While here in Canada we pay through taxes whether we watch or not.


  9. Hi Chaos111 — I agree with your statement. But, please remember that I am legally responsible for all comments. So, I approved your comment this time but next time I need a real name on your email. Everyone else, even if they have a handle is known to me.

    Guffman, I had the same problem with your email address. I approved your comment because you have been coming here for years but I would prefer a real email address. No one else sees it!


  10. Bubba — They will weep if they hear about it. I am hoping the CPC makes up an ad on the topic.


  11. Not at all surprised we are ranked #1.
    Nor surprised MSM chooses to basically ignore this news.


  12. That’s right, the MSM has reported it and buried it, it’s not helpful to their agenda or that of the elected opposition. However, the Conservatives and PM Harper can use it. It would also be politically risky for the opposition to poo poo it, they’ll say nothing and hope it goes away…..we can’t let that happen.


  13. I agree Liz J. But, the Blogging Tories are much reduced from the spring of 2011. Likely all gone to Twitter.


  14. First, i’m not here to bash anyone. I an genuinely concerned for something I hold dear – Canada!
    [Edited by Sandy.]


  15. Jgault — I am sorry but I am just NOT interested in your negativity. If you read this post you will know that Canada has been in good hands. I don’t know how old you are but I am a great-grandmother and so have lived through many many governments.

    By all means, read up on all sides. But, please do not be caught up in the Harper Derangement Syndrome I wrote about yesterday, which you will find here.


  16. Sandy,
    Just came back here and noticed you had asked for my real email. Not sure why your system is not giving it to you, but I emailed you directly on Apr 10th and you responded to my email, so you definitely have my real email.


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