NDP leader Tom Mulcair has the “audacity” & arrogance to play victim

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Regarding the NDP satellite offices scandal, why are so many in the Canadian mainstream media allowing NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to play the wronged victim? I mean, Mulcair actually suggests that the old time political parties should not have the audacity to hobble the NDP?

Can you imagine if PM Harper ever accused the Liberals and NDP of ganging up on the CPC (as they actually did with the 2008 coalition) and hobbling their electoral chances?

I mean, if Mulcair is talking like that now before the 2015 federal election, can you just imagine the arrogance if he and the NDP were ever elected the government, even with a minority? Anyone who would question or criticize the NDP would be marginalized.

Need proof of that attitude?

Well, check out what Mulcair’s demeanor and behaviour was like at the parliamentary hearing on the issue of the satellite offices. The arrogance and dismissiveness just rolls off him.

Then, read this recent piece by Huffington Post columnist Althia Raj. She claims that by complaining in a YouTube presentation (www.payitbackndp.ca) about the taxpayer money the NDP have spent on satellite offices, the Tories are attacking the NDP.

Attacking? Inaccurate? Talk about mincing words. The NDP skimmed money out of elected NDP MP constituency budgets to pay for the extra offices!  I mean, if the expenses were legitimate, how come there wasn’t an approved parliamentary budget specifically to pay for satellite offices?

Moreover, does Raj actually know the difference between parliamentary work and party work? Does she not realize that MPs are not allowed to have so much as a political party poster or party logo in a Constitutency office?

There is no blue, red, green or orange line here. Constituency offices are supposed to be 100% non-partisan because they are providing government services to all the people of the riding, regardless how they voted. Plus, those services — like passport and CPP disability applications — should only be provided via the staff of the elected Member of Parliament for the riding in question.

In fact, the only time satellite offices are allowed anywhere at any level of government in Canada, is when a riding is very large. Even in that case, the satellite offices are paid for out of the budget of the politician who was elected for that riding.

Perhaps because I was the Chief of Staff and EA for an Ontario PC MPP between 1995 and 1999, I  understand exactly what should be going on within individual riding constituency offices.

I can’t imagine, for example, the Ontario NDP being allowed to have a “satellite” office down the street from Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Constituency Office simply because they claim the NDP staff are only doing Ontario government related work — work that only Wynne’s staff should be doing. And, yet, that is exactly what we are talking about, albeit at the federal level.

The crux of the matter is that far too many in the Canadian media are not doing Canadians any favours by treating the NDP and its leader with kid gloves — as though the NDP are perfect and unanswerable to the Canadian people for the taxpayer money they have spent on staff in satellite offices.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

28 thoughts on “NDP leader Tom Mulcair has the “audacity” & arrogance to play victim

  1. Well, is this not what we’d expect from the Canadian media ? They were first supporting Trudeau, now that he’s tanking they’re going to fluff up Mulcair at every opportunity. If Raj considers this video complaining, all such ads could be considered complaints. In fact it’s information we all should have about how the NDP under Mulcair operate and some insight into their attitude, how they treat our money. It’s showing how desperate the media scribes and blow horns are getting, it’s going to get much more pathetic, keep the blood pressure pills handy.


  2. “Keep the blood pressure pills handy.” Liz, I actually take such pills. LOL I am going to need them as the election is going to be a long one I expect.


  3. To all my regulars: In the days ahead, I would appreciate links being dropped in my latest post or the Contact Form so I can be up on the issues. If there is no text in a comment, I simply won’t approve the comment but I will see the link and be able to check it out.


  4. Sandy…you are so on the ball…your thoughts are exactly what mine are…. it seems the media are now shifting over to angry Tom since Justine Trudeau is not doing well in the polls…(if we can believe them). I remember when the polls had George Smithermon way ahead in the polls against Ron Ford. That turned out way off the mark. This election will be the worst we Conservatives have ever seen…so many special interest groups wanting the Conservatives gone because they can’t control them.
    Amazing how all you need to do as a political group is SAY you will up the CBC budget and then your GOD!!! I have NEVER seen the NDP so supported by the media(CBC< CTV) as we are seeing today because they know the liberal (Trudeau) is not living up to their expectations. I can only hope that voters will see through this but there are so many uninformed people voting it is unlikely . It really is a shame. I still have hope PM Harper will have something up his sleeve to wake up the electorate. CHANGE??? My god…to what?? How can any country do better then Canada under PM Harper?I am looking forward to the debates…happy it won’t be the CBC doing them. PM Harper will set the Canadians on the right track.


  5. I agree Ontario Girl the CBC/CTV peanut gallery got another well deserved smack in the snout when they were sidelined by removing their control of the debates.
    Another brilliant move by PMSH :<)
    They were badly run and disgraceful behavior was tolerated.
    As for angry entitled Tom he must need blood pressure meds also.
    He and his party took taxpayer money to set up satellite offices, that is fraud angry Tom.
    Pay up and shut up about far less money allegedly misused by Mr Duffy, which was paid back BTY

    [Edited by Sandy]


  6. Bubba — I hear you and agree but had to remove your last two lines for legal purposes. I hate doing it but have to protect both of us.


  7. I see Liberal Mac Harbs trial date is no longer in Aug. 2015 but put ahead to 2016…conveniently after the election, along with the satellite offices of the NDP(that they dumped on the courts) put ahead to 2016 after the election. Wouldn’t want to sully the NDP or Liberals….that’s saved for Mike Duffy, a Conservative.
    Haven’t seen any listings of the Liberal senators who racked up huge expenses(mostly double that of Duffy)….those senators put in there by Chretien, but only PM Harper is called out for his so called bad judgement on putting the wrong people in the senate. Even Nancy Green, the gold medalist Olympic sweetheart of the day has gone over the expense limit….guess PM Harper should of saw that coming too in his so called bad judgment .pffffft.


  8. Pfffft is right Ontario Girl. People are hired everyday that disappoint. Is that the HR person’s fault or the individual? The individual IMO. But, it seems only Conservatives are going to be tried before the election. Brazeau? Duffy? Coincidence? Fishy that.


  9. Trudeau didn’t survive his baptism of fire, and now Mr Mulcair awaits his. The easy thing for Harper to do would be to drop the writ this weekend and do a full court press up to election day, thus shutting out 3rd parties misinformation, and possessing the superior war chest to control the medium and thus the message. I suspect it’s actually what his foes want, thinking if they get Harper to show some of his cards sooner, then they can adjust the narrative to time with election day. The media, fresh off their Mr Harper abolishing the Senate scoop, shouldn’t have much credibility on the timing of the writ drop. The threats of a “more costly” election being “called” are something to behold, as many in the media hope they can convince low information voters the Tories are once again assaulting democracy. It’s all part of the “crisis” Harper has put us in, they say. The central Canadian media are the ones in crisis, of identity; trying to get past their Harper pathology, worrying about having to push their Grit fellow travelers under the bus to “save” the Canada “we knew.” Oh the consternation of it all.

    [Edit by Sandy for length)


  10. A SPECIAL “AT ISSUE” for tonight because the CBC are assuming an early election call….they (Mansbridge & co.) have to get out there ahead of “THE CALL” to cement the calling points…..expense, Conservative advantage bla bla…..The election has been going on for a year already starting with Justine Trudeau and his speaking fees to charities when he should of been in parliament …Mulclair on his cross Ontario spree this week (telling us how we need trough feeding Olivia Chow back) and the million other pre-election stops. May as well get on with it. CBC might have to do some overtime work over the summer to tell us how the economy is tanking and how the NDP CHANGE is needed. Forget how PM Harper lead Canada through a recesson ……we need Change so Canada can be like like Greece with the NDP or Liberals.

    [Edited by Sandy]


  11. Ontario Girl — I had to edit your last sentence as well. Sorry guys but we are going to have to be very careful over the next ten or eleven weeks. The last thing I need is a legal problem. I’m sure everyone is careful but we are going to have to be even more careful. If you say something about someone, put an MSM link to show someone else said it first. No links to other blogs, however.


  12. My apologies everyone but I had to edit three comments. I said things about Mulcair here but what I said was based on what he is quoted as saying by the MSM, in this case Global. So, we are all going to have to be very careful over the coming writ period. Easier to talk about your own frustrations or the good news from the Harper campaign. If we find the election is such that we can’t do that, I will simply stop blogging because I’m just not going to take the risk that I or one of my commenters is being sued.


  13. Remember how upset the CBC was with the “early & costly election” caused by the Ignatieff Liberals and Layton NDP (plus the Quebec hairnet guy) defeat of the Tories in parliament, thus provoking the 2011 election? It would cost this much, it was opportunistic, yada yada. They said all that then right? No? Anyway they’re just risking another embarrassment like their assured prediction Harper would back the abolition of the Senate. OTOH, no matter how crappy a job they do, their taxpayer supported revenues keep rolling in. I guess that’s OK because “Canadians” agree with them. Well in Toronto anyway, no need to check further. They can’t defeat the guy, they can’t get him to quite, maybe they can provoke him into what they perceive as errors. BTW, Harper will drop the writ when he feels like it, that’s his prerogative as PM, the election is set and the CBC is trying to make the length of the campaign an issue because apparently the less informed the voter is the better for “democracy.” I think he will let the other parties shoot themselves in the foot for a while longer, we will see. In any event, these loons should try living in the real world and at least give the appearance of political objectivity and knowledge.


  14. The media party seem sure the writ will be dropped by Sunday ignoring the fact campaign has been going on, unofficially. Mulcair is very active as well as Trudeau popping up anywhere he can get some attention. Most people are not too engaged in politics at this time of year but rather enjoying the precious little summer we get. I wouldn’t even give much credence to any polling being done at this time either. We’re being told currently 66% of us want change but how many have a clue what that could mean for the country?

    Given the mess Ontario is in, how many are clued in to what is federal and what is provincial jurisdiction since the provinces in trouble are blaming the feds for not giving them enough. Apparently Wynne thinks people aren’t clued in, saying she doesn’t want to call a byelection to allow the PC leader a seat in the Legislature, it may cause confusion!


  15. On cue, the CBC has leaped to the defense of the NDP’s clear violation of the rules with the “it’s in court now” defense. They use the same approach with the Mike Duffy trial. Just kidding, not they didn’t.

    “The NDP claims that because the board is comprised primarily of Liberals and Conservatives, it is a partisan body and therefore, so was the order. NDP House Leader Peter Julian has gone so far as to call the board a ‘kangaroo court’.”

    Not the substance of the misappropriations which is beyond reasonable dispute since they got caught “red” handed. They’re complaining about the “process.” And how dare the Tories counter & retaliate for the NDP “ethics” ad. I hear one arguer who actually said, it’s not the same thing because the NDP are “not in power.” Spoken like a true statist. How much corruption could they achieve if they were in power? Just as BCers who endured the Glen Clark/NDP years. He lost the popular vote, still got a majority and with nary a peep of accusations of any “affront to democracy.” My confidence of a Tory majority increases daily. Here’s the link to the CBC article trying to say they don’t hurt the NDP but apparently send Liberal votes their way. You can’t make this stuff up:



  16. I just wish someone in the federal gov’t would point out that Health Care is the provinces responsibility and any federal cuts in transfers are discussed with the premiers and agreed to by them…. The federal Gov’t doesn;t stick there noses into provincial matters…. If there’s an issue in Canadian health care in your province go talk to your provincial MP


  17. I think Harper will wait for as long as possible to drop the election bomb so they can gaff it up on their own party’s dimes….more chances they will screw up campaigning outside of the election official campaign time frame and be charged back for all these national expences outside of an election…. entitlement culture being what it is the Liberals and NDP are sure to take that cheese


  18. Besides, Ed B, the Conservatives have increased health care transfers to the provinces. Problem is that most people don’t realize it. That anti-Conservative ad says they have cut health care but what it means it they simply have capped how much they will increase health care. Lies all of it.


  19. Yes, it’s lies, complete lies, damned lies but who can correct them? It’s the media’s job to seek the truth and pass it on , they will not call them on anything that feeds their agenda to get rid of Harper so they ignore it. One thing we know ethics is hard to find among journalists with a political agenda, we see it everywhere.

    As for the provinces, IMO Wynne is going to be grabbing as much media attention as any provincial leader in history, she’s been off and running since she endorsed Trudeau, she and her Ministers will be blaming all their present and future problems on PM Harper. Politicians and media people bereft of scruples is not a good thing, in fact it’s dangerous.


  20. Liz and Sandy,what about the $1.7 million $$ for mailing the political shit with.This too was stolen from the taxpayers.Amount owed by NDPoopers is at least $4 million $$; MULCAIR ….”PAY IT BACK”….(y).


  21. I don’t think Mulcair cares one whit about paying back anything, he’s way ahead in the polls in Quebec which got him to Official Opposition last time around He figures he’s got it in the bag, especially since Alberta voted NDP to a majority.
    If all else fails and PM Harper wins a minority he’ll be happy to let Justin into a coalition with himself as leader.
    In that scenario we’re over the cliff. Oil Sands? What Oil Sands? Pipeline? What pipeline? Breadline? The ones we’ll be in in short order with no province able to pay equalization.


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