Harper gov’t awards Univ of Toronto $114 million research grant

As a University of Toronto alumnus, I got an email today celebrating the fact that, a few days ago, the federal government gave the university a $114 million medical grant to transform regenerative medicine. I want everyone to remember this grant because it is the largest received by U of T from any government. So, when you read or hear progressives complain that the Harper Government has shut down scientific research, provide this link to prove their lie.

Specifically, the U of T release states:

The research grant, the largest in U of T’s history, is the first to be awarded under the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF), established by the federal government last year. Spread over seven years, the funding will allow U of T and its partners, which include the Hospital for Sick Children, the University Health Network, and Mount Sinai Hospital, to deliver a new program called Medicine by Design.” [My underlining.]


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

9 thoughts on “Harper gov’t awards Univ of Toronto $114 million research grant

  1. I can’t help wondering why the U of T sent out this news release about a $114 million research grant on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend. Afraid that the Harper Government might get credit?


  2. I guess we will hear all the media on Tues on National News watch slamming the U of T for releasing this news on a long week end,, ,NOT! Sandy, you are so on the ball seeing the media for what they are.

    CBC is too busy tonight on P&P with Stephen Maher and Katie CBC going beserk because NDP Mulcair isn’t going to be sitting in the CBC debate(pffft)(and an empty chair that won’t take place to try to embarrass the PM. Poor CBC.) with Elizabeth May (Green but Liberal) and Duceppe(separatist) and Trudeau(Liberal).Mulcair is only interested in a debate with himself, May(Liberal) and Trudeau(Liberal) and Duceppe(separatist) and PM Harper. So 3 against Mulcair is NOT okay ….but 4 against PM Harper is okay with Mulcair. The debate needs the back up of all the opposition against Harper BUT not a debate against Mulcair.

    I think CBC has a conflict of interest in this election…BIG TIME!! Elections Canada should step in to stop this, but they won’t.


  3. Of course they don’t want the Harper Government to get credit and this is proof, the last thing many people are doing on this last summer long weekend is reading papers or watching news. We all need to post it on our FB pages for all our lefty friends to see.


  4. Shouldn’t taxpayers get credit? It’s our money. I’m just glad it didn’t go into action plan advertising.


  5. Absolutely Fred. It’s all taxpayers money. My point is that progressives are always alleging that the Harper Gov’t does not fund research, well it does when the research is cutting edge. So, in that sense, let’s credit the Conservative gov’t for putting money to good use.


  6. Of course we are the source of all government money, however we don’t have a say in how it is spent. How our money is used is decided by the governments we elect, we can only critique their choices. This one is a good one, too good for the media to repeat, we’ve heard the last of it.

    Some governments can lie repeatedly, spend our money to their benefit to retain power, be rife with scandal , put us in massive debt and still get reelected. Ontario is the PRIME example, the majority of the people of this province can look in the mirror, they did it to themselves and all the rest who knew better. We all are, and will be, paying a high price for years to come as the Wynne led Liberals take us over over the cliff with monster called Green energy and environmental policies beyond reason. If this were a PC government they’d have been booted three elections ago,


  7. How magnanimous of her Highness Kathleen Wynne, she has had a change of heart, decided the people of Simcoe North are smart enough to realize they’ll be voting for a provincial PC leader, won’t be confused with the federal campaign, she’s going to call a byelection to allow Patrick Brown a chance to get his seat in the Legislature.


  8. Only trouble with the people of Ontario comment Liz is that it was basically the people of Toronto.And to Fred it sure is the taxpayers money,but as the Government of the day the Conservatives manage that money.If something like the Adscam happens with that money then they would be front page day and night for months.So why should they not be mentioned when they do good things with the money.At the same time it should be mentioned whether any of the other political parties supported the grants.


  9. Just as expected, the writ is dropped. First up is CBC’s Terry Milewski , no doubt had his name on the list first and for reasons obvious to Conservatives.
    He’s obviuosly calling it because the other parties including the media have already started to campaign unofficially. We know by their reaction, the Opps are angry , they are losing their extra bucks, they have to spend their own money. Now the media will bawl on ad nauseum about the cost to taxpayers for the longer campaign.


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