Opposition AND media versus Conservative Party on #Elxn42 spending

H/T NewsWatchCanada.
H/T NewsWatchCanada.

This morning I watched CBC Newsworld when Prime Minister Harper gave his announcement outside Rideau Hall — that #Elxn42 and a vote on October 19th, 2015 is now formally underway. I thought the PM’s message was clear and well defended.

Yet, the post-questions and analysis of the answers to leading questions were a petty, whiny embarrassment. No wonder the PM doesn’t like media scrums!

For example, there seemed to be a deliberate attempt to confuse the reality that the political parties have to spend their own money during the election versus what they might get back later in Elections Canada rebates.

Which had nothing to do with what the PM was actually suggesting — that Messrs Mulcair and Trudeau had been criss-crossing Canada over the last few weeks on the taxpayers dime — getting a free ride as it were — instead of having to use the money raised by their political parties.

Should the PM have said something about the increase in potential rebates after the election, given the length of this election campaign? Perhaps. But, would it have made any difference? Would the media have explained that the party subsidy is gone? No. Would the media have found another way of twisting the PMs words? Absolutely. One thing they didn’t do, for example, was call the other party leaders out on that free ride I mentioned above.

The crux of the matter is that during #Elxn42 the Conservative Party of Canada is not only running against the opposition parties but also against the selective and collectively anti-Conservative biased reporting of the mainstream media. Hopefully, Canadians will remember that on October 19th and vote for their Conservative candidate!



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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

22 thoughts on “Opposition AND media versus Conservative Party on #Elxn42 spending

  1. Very well put.
    PM Harpers opponents are critics not contenders, I am including the corrupt so called mainstream media as well.


  2. Yes, a lot of windy when did you stop beating your wife questions from the reporters.


  3. Agree Sandy, it wouldn’t matter what PM Harper said, they will construe it, bend it into pretzels to fit their dirty little game of political chicanery. We hear what the man says, they give us THEIR interpretation, it’s called tinkering with the message to sway opinion. Dangerous stuff.

    The hatred oozing from the mouths of the usual subjects in the media is palpable. The bottom line, they can’t bring themselves to show any respect for the man or the Office. Both the man and the Office deserve better in this country. It’s so sad to watch, embarrassing as well. But hey, we knew it would happen, they were on it for days prior to the writ drop, no surprise.


  4. I noticed Peter Mansbridge and Terry Milesky harping for 15 minutes about PM Harper only allowing 5 questions etc., yet Mulcair took NO QUESTIONS and the same suspects spent the rest of the time making excuses why Mulcair didn’t answer any questions from the media. He wants to look prime ministerial or some rot to that effect.

    Then Mansbridge after the PM’s statement, was picking on something that PM Harper didn’t mention, the environment in English but just in French. Wish they would use such a fine tooth comb for the opposition’s statements.

    They were even making conflicting statements why Trudeau wouldn’t be commenting…he’s on a plane….he would comment before the BC pride parade…he would comment in an hour….bla bla bla.

    Now it will be the POLL after POLL saying what the media want to, as if the POLLS are what Canadians are really saying. I remember the Rob Ford and Smitherman POLL before that election. Bogus.

    Then Wynne has the gall to talk about the expense of the election to taxpayers. Like she really worries about taxpayers after all their shenanigans.


  5. Trudeau is officially opening his campaign in Vancouver, Mulcair is hanging onto the change word, can hope be far behind?


  6. On the topic of “hope,” I actually saw a political cartoon the other day that showed a sign facing Obama that said: “Hope? Nope!”


  7. Wynne had her big union friends, using their members’ contributions, to pay for her campaign advertising. I guess that was democratic, as opposed to now when they won’t be players with differing federal rules. The progressives have the CBC I guess. The NDP/LPC are upset because now they actually have to pay their own way using party funds (except the NDP perhaps now holding $2.7million of ill-gotten taxpayer dollars). Oh, the matter is “before the courts.” Yeah right the court action you started for which you have no chance of prevailing. Good luck with that on the hustings, cue to Angry Tom. Or they could add forgiveness of this transgression to their platform as their contribution to ending “partisanship.”

    The progressive parties wanted to continue to use 3rd parties with their disinformation ads (as in ON election) and my theory is Harper knew they were going to blitz the airwaves and decided to cut them off, along with the opposition parties’ free ride. Then the media spins this into a Harper misuse of taxpayer dollars. We no longer have a thoughtful media.

    Boo hoo, cry me a river – welcome to (Canadian politics). Allowing more political contributions for a longer election campaign is apparently “costly” – to people making voluntary contributions – and that’s a bad thing because the Tories have more money? A longer campaign giving more opportunities for grass roots voices and discussion and thought around serious issues is “political” and an affront to “democracy.” Has the media never asked why Harper planned the first debate for 6 Aug?

    This election can decide if progressives get to replace the positive reality of Canada with false narratives of economic decline, a mean and nasty Harper that apparently everybody hates but keeps re-electing. Sorry progs black is not white and it is your policies that are extreme and totally unnecessary given the overblown risks to the Canadian economy. It is those policies & attitudes which ultimately lead to economic decline & ruin, with the most vulnerable hurt – no, this not social justice. It’s collectivism, it’s statism, it’s opportunism, but it isn’t justice and has zilch to do with “fairness” and other such meanderings.

    At taxpayer expense the opposition has run around bitching about the government, without being honest about their “solutions,” while Harper and the CPC have actually had to govern, to work to solve problems, rather than simply enumerating them within the meme of a broken and disrespected Canada. Both are demonstrable falsehoods and won’t hold up under electoral scrutiny.


  8. Dian Francis agrees: “Why Stephen Harper’s opponents are critics, not contenders”

    “Harper’s opponents are not CEO material. Mulcair blasts the Tories for not balancing their budget while proposing one million daycare spaces for $15 a day that will break the bank. Then there’s Trudeau, a one-time elementary teacher, whose economic dossier is less impressive than was his late father’s if that’s possible.”

    They are simply critics, not alternatives, and have yet to unveil a single idea that would create more wealth, improve trade or further enhance Canada’s effectiveness on the world stage. This is why Harper will, and should, win bigger than before.”

    Since 2008, the biggest blow is the collapse in commodity prices (oil represents 30 per cent of our exports alone) caused by China’s slowdown and huge shale oil production in the U.S.”

    So what would CEOs-in-waiting Mulcair and Trudeau do differently?”

    Mulcair’s centerpiece is to raise minimum wages and provide cheap day care. Trudeau’s is to tax Canada’s richest 1 per cent and claw back some benefits granted to retirees.”

    These two are auditioning for a seat on a city council, not as a leader who can steer a nation-state through the shoals of a global economy with many moving parts. Their criticisms of Harper’s management is like blaming a firefighter for the three-alarm blazes that he has been battling.”



  9. Don’t fret about the media: recent elections have shown that their influence is greatly diminished, and far overstated — they are literally yesterday’s news.


  10. Unfortunately, the media were very much today’s news. Hopefully, however, their influence will be as reduced as it was in the recent U.K. election. However, I have no intention of ignoring them.


  11. Message to new commenters during this election campaign. I need a real name in your email address, otherwise I will not approve what you write. So, Fred, Foxtrot and Shamrock, please use an identifiable email. A first name is not enough. I need at least a first intial and surname for legal reasons should I ever need to contact you.

    Addendum: I know the WordPress login is complicated, and at times, a pain, but those having difficulty might consider getting a brand new gmail account just for the election campaign.


  12. Maybe Justin is heading for Hope. Its not too far from Vancouver. Don’t know if it has a gay pride parade or not though…..


  13. Since Mulcair has taken “change” Trudeau will have to take “hope”. In a coalition we’d have the Obama mantra hope and change and we all know how well that turned out.


  14. The only hope I can see for the Conservatives if is enough of the young vote stays home. Whatever the CPC does,it should be careful to NOT give these guys a specific issue to rally around and get the LIV’s out. Harper has to keep pushing “the economy” as both Opposition Leaders don’t have a clue about economics, and leave the other issues safely on the shelf.

    When I was young, I used to complain that I had to wait until I was 21 to vote, now I wish that everyone under forty wasn’t allowed to vote. Inexperience is a very dangerous thing, as bad or worse than a socialist ideology,so we have two disasters -in-waiting, and a media determined to defeat the only candidate who can keep the Country out of a severe Depression. I won’t bother with the word “recession” because if Mulcair and the NDP are elected to a majority, we are going straight to a depression.

    That’s not hyperbole, all you have to do is look at their platform and remember the NDP’s record in government in the Provinces.


  15. Sandy, well said on the Elxn#42 spending misinformation by the media. I heard PM Harper’s announcement a few times on Sunday and the media was sure trying to suggest that the taxpayer was footing the entire bill, thereby implying that Harper.


  16. Ken — I believe you were going to say “thereby implying that Harper was lying.” Exactly what I thought as well. Disgusting really.


  17. I hear you, but I find that the majority of what I call the younger generations do not vote nor do they show any interest in politics outside their own little world. I have voted in every election, provincial and federal, since I became of legal age to vote. Of my four children, all working adults now, the three who still live and work in Canada, to my sadness show no interest in politics or voting. They were not raised this way, but the influence of the “education” system and society at large, especially their peers, won out over their upbringing in this area. In so many areas peer pressure/culture outweighs just about everything else. Still I can say that their upbringing was not totally lost in that none of them got into the wrong crowd, used drugs or got involved in a lot of other wrong things.


  18. Yes,same here Alain,I consider it my duty to get out and vote,have never missed an election since I turned 21. I hope you’re right about the youth vote not coming out,the younger people I meet are,the greater chance they’re of a socialist bent. I nag my 3 kids into voting,and they always do, but last Provincial election my oldest Son cancelled my vote by voting NDP, don’t know if it out of spite or not.


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