Premier Kathleen Wynne openly campaigns for Justin Trudeau

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne & Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in 2014. Click for credits at National Post.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne & Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in 2014. Click for credits at National Post.

I have heard a lot of things said against the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party — known to all Ontarians as Premier Kathleen Wynne — regarding the sorry state of Ontario’s fiscal health and well being.

To be precise, Ontario’s debt is out of control and its ongoing annual deficit is more than all other provincial and territorial deficits combined.

For details about that reality, check out Lorrie Goldstein column in the Toronto Sun dated April 2015.

Yet, in spite of Ontario being nearly bankrupt, Wynne has the time to openly campaign for a federal leader — Liberal leader Justin Trudeau —  while simultaneously criticizing the current Prime Minister.

Surely, this latest behaviour has got to be Wynne’s most ill considered actions to date.

I mean, what can Wynne be thinking to openly bad mouth Mr. Harper simply because he won’t do exactly as she says regarding the Ontario pension plan — a tax that will no doubt become the next provincial Liberal billion dollar boondoggle?

What if Mr. Harper wins another majority mandate? Is Wynne going to whine for the next four years that Harper is not fair to Ontarians because he won’t do as she asks?

However, probably the most serious consequences of her open support for Trudeau is what it says about Trudeau.

It implies that:

(1) Justin Trudeau is such a weak federal leader that he needs the backing of a provincial premier; and

(2) If Justin Trudeau ever became PM, the Premier of Ontario would expect him to jump to her tune.

I know, Wynne calls getting her own way getting along with people. Well, my bet is that some of Canada’s other premier’s may not agree with the notion that one particular premier is able to manipulate and control a sitting prime minister.

Anyway, here is a Google search page on this topic. Take your pick to read all about this example of Wynne being openly partisan in a federal election campaign.  There are 261,000 items to pick from, such as columns in the National Post, the Globe and Mail, the CBC website and the Ottawa Citizen.

The crux of the matter is that Wynne needs to attend to her leadership role in Ontario before trying to influence federal politics to her own partisan advantage in an attempt to distract from her own managerial failures.

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Update 5:43pm: Remember that issue about anti-Conservative media bias? Well, check out this Google page. The top link indicates that an Ottawa reporter is suggesting that Harper is fighting with Wynne (and Notley). The PM simply responds to criticism and makes it clear he doesn’t agree with raising taxes and he is somehow fighting? Huh? This is going to be a very long election campaign!!!


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

16 thoughts on “Premier Kathleen Wynne openly campaigns for Justin Trudeau

  1. Thanks for being on top of this Sandy! I’m seething after hearing an Ottawa CBC TV reporter say Harper was fighting with Wynne and Notley, that’s the CBC line and they’ll stick to it across the board, Now, who in Hades is going to correct this damned lie? Not a shred of truth in it.
    I heard PM Harper say he had been advised by someone when he first took Office he wouldn’t have any problem with the procincial leaders who were doing well in their own jurisdictions. Ain’t that the truth!


  2. Thanks for that link Bobbie, I would have missed it. Amazing that the NDP wants all kids in the daycare of their choosing — and unionized of course, which means when the staff go on strike — families are on their own.


  3. The reality is Liz, we are all going to have to take a deep breath and just keep giving out the good news. I remember the nasty rhetoric in the spring 2011 election. Yet, 40% of Canadians ignored it and voted Conservative. I am hopeful that will happen again. Remember, with all the progressives together, that is nearly 60% of Canadians who hate the Conservatives in that far too many suffer from Harper Derangement Syndrome.

    Keep spreading the 100 reasons. I just put up a new post with a link to that item. I can’t repost it or the URL will change. It’s at the top of my page now.


  4. Wynne stepping up for Justin is a good indicator of how desperate the LPC has become.I’m sure the LPC backroom boys are just as aware as we that as they say, “the bloom is off the rose” regarding Trudeau and he’s being abandoned by the Left in droves.

    As I like to say on the other blogs, ” ya shoulda chose the astronaut instead of the space cadet”! Expect every show biz performer the LPC can round up to speak up for Justin, all featured on the front pages and the 6 o’clock News broadcasts on every network in Canada.

    Let’s see now;we should soon hear from Avril Lavigne,they’re probably negotiating with Celine Dion, then there’s Mr.Tar Sands himself,Neil Young,and all the CBC talentless hacks Mercer,Walsh etc.) that suck up our taxpayers dollars at that network.

    And everybody who’s anybody will soon be out to tell us “little people” how we should think,and vote! Oh,if only they could get Shania Twain! She might help put Justin over the top! Are there any more Liberal Premiers out there who want to help out L’il Justin?
    (I feel like one of those people on the PBS telethon)
    Justin will get my vote the day the Real Messiah makes his second appearance on the planet,and personally endorses Justin.

    I’m not holding my breath.


  5. Wynne is the most arrogant politician in the country presiding over the worst economic mess in the history of Ontario, there’s nothing to compare to it. Surely most Ontario voters who are feeling loaded down with taxes and high utility costs, some barely able to meet the expenses, will see this for what it is, Wynne shilling for a Federal leader she can manipulate to help her out of her mess.


  6. Good Morning to all!
    Premier Wynn needs Justin far more than Justin needs her.
    But birds of a feather.
    With Mr Muclair blotivating about a less than 1% differance in our Conservative budget when we are the best managed and performing economy in a G8 country, well it is pretty thin gruel.
    He and Justin should be a riot at the debates even without Ms May
    The future under a tax and spend Liberal or NDP government?
    Just look at Alberta, this quarter loosing 128 million in 90 days 120 million of it being Premier Notleys new taxes.
    Just wait till they show the Enviro-Messiahs Gore and Suzuki that they are serious about global-whatever.
    I am still waiting for a correction from Mandsbridge re his statement that our PM said something different in French.
    On a very personal level the income splitting, TFSA, RDSP, lets us put money away so our son will be able to live with dignity after we are gone.
    1,000,000 new subsidized day care places? claw back our income splitting?
    I am 66 and have gone back to work part time to make ends meet, I am one of those wealthy folks that aren’t paying enough according to Mr Trudeau.
    The Conservatives are not perfect but they are far and away ahead of second and third place wanna-be’s IMHO


  7. Good morning Bubba. My granddaughter and her husband have two little guys, aged 4 and 6. He is a certified brick layer and works very hard for the good dollars he makes. She is a medical receptionist. They did very well out of the family income splitting. They are middle class. They are not rich! And, there are millions of other young families in the same position. They will vote with their wallets!!


  8. From what I’ve heard Notley is now “fighting” with Albertans. As for Wynne, she could consider, when she’s not jogging or posing for cheesy commercials, that nobody outside downtown Toronto gives a fiddler’s fish what she thinks. That kind of “support” Trudeau could do without. Progressives can dish it out but you’re not allowed to give it back, in their emotion addled minds, mostly because they can’t take it – their ideas don’t stand up to proper scrutiny so emotional slurring is all that’s left. What can Wynne specifically point out as an ON problem for which Harper is responsible?


  9. If the Tories are held to a minority, Trudeau and his backroom boys should get their “Butts” kicked out by what’s left of the brain trust of the LPC. They will have him removed so he doesn’t kill of the party within a minority NDP government. The only way that could work, for the LPC to recover, would be for the Conservative party to disappear or split again. That’s not going to happen (I love the “Harper’s quitting, win or lose” argument from the emotive ones), so Manley & McKenna know defeating Harper in parliament for an NDP government will be an act of suicide for the LPC.

    If they were smart they would support Harper bill by bill, as before, but this time trying to regain their centre right vote and jettisoning their idiotic progressive policies, most of it adherents having have already defected to the NDP. Trudeau isn’t close to being that smart or strategic so this will be his last campaign as federal leader as they again finish dead third.


  10. I don’t believe the Tories will be held to a minority because of where the votes fall. In Ontario, there is no way the NDP will win and I doubt they would win in Alberta, now that voters know what they’ve got for four years. Just keep in mind that Ontario now has 121 available seats. That is why Wynne is involved!!!


  11. From our unbiased media at the TorStar:

    “The new (AB) NDP government — they can’t present a budget, but what was the first thing they did? They raised taxes, and that’s a disaster, an absolute disaster,” Harper said. He did not mention that his own government briefly delayed its budget in the spring because the crash in oil prices had led to unforeseen fiscal gyrations.”

    Let’s see, the AB government raised taxes without a budget, consulting the legislature, onto a reeling economy without giving any thought to the consequences of their ideological actions. OTOH Harper and the Tories took a little bit of time to re-evaluate economic changes & challenges to see if their budget still made sense, something no progressive anywhere would bother with. In the slanted emotive mind of the TorStar writer, these are the same thing, eh? Of course they’re not even close logically.

    Oh, and why Trudeau is a political moron (has the TorStar worm turned here?):

    “Trudeau, campaigning in Calgary, was critical of Harper’s attack on Notley, saying it was evidence of his inability to work with others. ‘Whether it’s the new premier of Alberta, whether it’s the premier of Ontario or whether it’s the president of the United States, he’s not putting Canada ahead of his ideology,” he said.” Does he mean wind turbines?

    “Trudeau spent his second day of the election in Calgary, a sign of the Liberals’ high hopes that they may finally crack the federal Tory stranglehold in the province. He said Harper had undermined the Conservatives’ goal of helping build up the energy sector by not balancing the need for industrial growth with the need to tackle climate change.”

    ‘With friends like Stephen Harper, the Alberta economy doesn’t need enemies,’ he told a room full of cheering supporters.”

    Well obviously higher taxes & minimum wages, followed by crushing regulation is just the thing we need to put the oil & gas industry back on it’s feet. What AB doesn’t need is friends like Trudeau or Notley. Progressives give little or no thought to their ideas & statements except their potential as catchy sound bites. No thought is given to the cost of their interventionism.


  12. I don’t either, but one never can be sure (who predicted the NDP would win AB, yes different scenario by still instructive); and the LPC, who will surely finish third, have some soul searching to do if they wish to survive as a political party.


  13. Is this the progressive view of government? No, just its result. The former economic engine of Canada is now a weak caricature of its former great self, its author petulantly insisting the feds adopt their ruinous policies, or at least help with them:

    “Since Trudeau considers it his job to be headwaiter to the provinces, he not only supports Wynne’s looming carbon pricing scheme, but will apparently be sending her federal cash to help implement it, as he will to other premiers. As for Wynne’s pension plan, Trudeau will no doubt be all hands on deck.”

    Wynne is furious at Harper for refusing to co-operate with her in setting it up. The prime minister responds it’s a fiscal train wreck in the making. If Trudeau’s management of the Canadian economy is going to be anything like the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals in Ontario, kiss your wallet goodbye. After 12 years of Liberal rule, the province’s projected deficit for 2015-16 of $8.5 billion is $600 million higher than the deficits of all other Canadian governments combined, including Ottawa, the nine other provinces and three territories.”

    Ontario’s public debt of $298.9 billion is up 115% from the $138.8 billion the Liberals inherited from the Conservatives in 2003.
    In 2003, Ontario’s net debt-to-GDP ratio was a healthy 27.5%. Today’s it’s an economy-undermining 39.8%. Wynne’s government will pay $11.4 billion this year simply paying interest on debt, its third largest expenditure after health care and education and more than it will spend on community and social services ($11.1 billion).”

    Under the Wynne/McGuinty Liberals Ontario, at one time the engine of the Canadian economy, is now a “have not” province.”

    That’s to say nothing of the three ongoing police investigations into the Ontario Liberal government over the aforementioned gas plants scandal, a second into its incompetent oversight of the province’s air ambulance service and a third involving alleged illegal shenanigans in a recent byelection.”


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