Harper gov’t fiscal record vs Notley NDP’s $120 million tax increase

Pump jacks at an Ecana well May 12, 2014. Click for credits.
Pump jacks at an Ecana well May 12, 2014. Click for credits.

Let’s do a comparison between the economic record of the new provincial NDP in Alberta versus the long-term Conservative Government in Ottawa.

First, the federal Conservatives:

As Gwyn Morgan, a respected business man and former Albertan wrote the other day in the Globe and Mail: “One of the most egregious examples of failure to present perspective came in the aftermath of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report that the federal government’s forecasted $1.4-billion surplus for the 2015-16 fiscal year may turn into a $1.5-billion deficit….NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told reporters, ‘The Conservatives have always talked a good game on the economy, but they’ve never delivered on either.'”

Never delivered? Talk about Mulcair’s hyperbole! The reality is that Canada has been a stable and secure country for nine years now. As Morgan explains, what Tom Mulcair was talking about is $2.9 billion out of a $890 billion budget — which is 1%.

Not what we would hope for of course, but the world around us is struggling to compete in a global economy and there have been far too many financial meltdowns, as in China and Greece. Yet, even with that reality all around us, Canada now has a balanced budget and the lowest debt level in the G8 — no matter how Mulcair and media like to spin it.

Then, there is the fact that our trade deficit with the U.S. is narrowing because of our lowered loonie. (H/T NewsWatchCanada)  That is excellent news as you can read on this CBC website,  a narrowing that very much helps Canadian exporters.

Now, regarding Alberta’s NDP:

Ezra Levant at therebel.media is reporting today that the Alberta Oil Sands financials came out yesterday. What do we learn? Last year the sector made $176 million. This year, in only 90 days, that same sector lost $128 million. So, did they lose that money due to reduced oil prices? No, they lost that money because of NDP Notley tax increases — to the tune of $120 million.

The crux of the matter:

So, it doesn’t take much imagination to know what is happening to Alberta’s resource economy can be duplicated across the country by the federal NDP. Without so much as tabling a budget or fiscal update, the first thing the Alberta NDP did was raise taxes — because, as progressives, they think they know what is best for you, your family and your business. Well, as we are now finding out, they don’t.

In fact, the only political party that seems to understand how to manage Canada’s economy during good times and slow downs are the Conservatives.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

25 thoughts on “Harper gov’t fiscal record vs Notley NDP’s $120 million tax increase

  1. The Conservatives need to hammer home how excited Mulcair was when Notley got elected. IMO he’s got to either distance himself from this or agree to it, either way he’s in a box. I recall Notley slightly brushing off his enthusiasium saying she’d be doing what’s best for Alberta. Well this is not what’s best for Alberta or the rest of this country, going from bread basket to basket case is where she could be taking that province. She has company with Wynne her leftist cousin. they both will have us freezing in the dark.


  2. BTW, where will Wynne’s carbon tax take Ontario’s already crippled economy?
    Who is advising Notley on economic matters may be a question to ask.


  3. Explains why Notley won’t be releasing a budget till AFTER the Federal election. Wouldn’t look good for Mulcair and his NDP for what he would do to Canada(cut from the same cloth) is my guess.


  4. All good points, but since progressivism is based on emotion &/or invalid reasoning (therapy for liberals, as argued in in “Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America,” by James Ostrowski), sound arguments aren’t considered by their ilk and they depend on a low information voter and short election campaigns. So only a relentless barrage of bullets of economic data and reality checks will work with the voter, as the progressive in the media, academe and in statist circles won’t help with reality, favouring false narratives themselves. They don’t just find math hard, they don’t even consider or care about it, it’s forced on them so their policies can appear moderate.

    But how could they even know? Ostrowski makes the fine point that progressives never consider the opportunity cost of their programs & promises, in fact they assume zero cost. They further assume government spending increases societal benefit thus ignoring the reality that government takes from the productive to give to the unproductive, and unless constrained by limited government net growth is estopped, and decline gains momentum.

    The Canadian author William Gairdner prefers the term “transactions of decline.” His new work “The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree,” gives a more philosophical & ideological treatment with his delicious description of statist “libertarian socialists,” constantly seeking the separate the individual from their families and communities, to be moulded into the proto egalitarian person. As persons they do their own thing with rapture & reason but not religion, yet somehow in the process become mindless/correct political automatons, surrendering their freedom to state doctrine & care. Is this not counterintuitive? So what, the emotion of it “works.” That’s all that matters to progressives – the message, false or otherwise.

    in the US, elsewhere and here, the inevitable execution failure of progressives’ “fatal conceit” leaves no pause in their minds, just a mindless race to the bottom with ever more wealth destruction because the problem of statism is given emotive status as the solution. This will not stop at simple coercion. Many argue this inexorably leads to authoritarianism and inevitably to totalitarianism. If you want to explore the statist mindset and its threat, and thus deconstruct (or at least understand) the ideas and policies of progressives, (3/4 of the LPC and now the predominate of the NDP; and as Ostrowski argues, both the Dems & GOP!). I highly recommend both these works – the former from a US libertarian and the latter from a Canadian conservative.

    Sandy, I hope this type of shameless though unpaid plug for these authors is acceptable. I think it’s important we see what our opponent is thinking, and believe you me, statists & progressives seek to contradict the economic & political freedoms we enjoy.


  5. No problem Shamrock. I get it. And, lots of folks here do too even if they haven’t read your sources.


  6. Notley also said that HER NDP was not Mulcair’s NDP. Yet, Mulcair’s still essentially running on her fumes…and not much else.


  7. I heard through connections Notely hired highly respected former governor of the bank of Canada David Dodge to advise her, we know his expertise. Haven’t read it in or heard it in the media. Anyone else know about this?


  8. Sounds remotely familiar. I think I heard it briefly a few days after she got elected from someone.


  9. According to the Calgary Herald the $120,000,000.00 is extremely low. In the article I read one major player in the oils sands had their tax bill put them in the red to the tune of $400,000,000.00. That company thinks this will cost 4100 people their jobs.


  10. “As Morgan explains, what Tom Mulcair was talking about is a swing of $2.9 billion out of a $890 billion budget — which is 1%” – actually it is 0.326%, lower by a factor of 3 and basically a rounding error. Accuracy counts.

    I am concerned by who will be the cabinet ministers in an NDP government. Finance minister? Environment?, Foreign affairs?

    What we saw in Alberta was a charming Ms Notley, who won the election on likeability, scraping together a small number of cabinet ministers with laughable qualifications from an even more laughable caucus. A social worker, a former Calgary councillor who was very generous with taxpayer money and no private experience, become finance minister with the first budget postponed conveniently until after the federal election. And he was the most highly qualified!?!

    What we saw last federal Parliament was a likeable Mr Mulclair and very little visible backup. Before we hand him the checkbook I would like to know who he proposes for cabinet and their qualifications. Who is the “team” and what are their positions?
    It is not just Quebeckers that can be boiled lobsters.
    Perhaps, Sandy you can run a competition taking nominations for a possible NDP cabinet. I nominate the Unknown Comic for Treasury.


  11. I’m interested in Mulcair’s claim of 40,000 lost jobs if Keystone is approved. Anyone have a fact check on that?


  12. Mulcair getting elected to top job is scary in itself, looking at the NDP caucus it’s even scarier, from the seasoned MP’s on down.

    Given what’s going on with Alberta under NDP government and the mess Ontario is in under a very socialist Liberal regime we can only HOPE there’s no CHANGE, we need stability, we need Stephen Harper to keep us on that track.


  13. Shamrock, you describe Bolshevism perfectly in your comment. I thought that the west won the Cold War? It has become more evident the last few decades that Soviet ideological based “progressive” thinking has taken an almost commanding hold on our society, especially in our media and educational system.

    It is amazing to think how this coup could have taken place by stealth and that the average citizen has not noticed how much damage this is doing to the country and to their personal and financial well being.

    Albertans will have to learn the hard way about their choice to elect the Marxists. The Ontario people did know for a while about NDP economic destructiveness, but seem to have forgotten in their choices to support the increasingly leftist Liberals who have become no better than the NDP.


  14. It might make sense if he’s referring to non permanent jobs lost after the construction is completed. The number of permanent jobs after that would be far fewer. Seems a typical socialist ploy to make a story to fit with their ideology and agenda.


  15. Here’s more on the 40,000 jobs “lost” to Keystone approval:

    “Keystone XL represents the export of 40,000 Canadian jobs. So as a matter of principle, we’re saying, since that bitumen is moving anyway, move it in Canada, create 40,000 jobs here, get a better price for the producers, more royalties for the producing provinces – oh, and by the way, take care of Canada’s energy security.” Mulcair said the cross-Canada pipeline should still be subject to a “complete, thorough, credible” environmental assessment. While he promised to review the Pembina report’s numbers, the NDP leader said he’d be “very surprised” if it produced more greenhouse-gas emissions than Keystone.

    “As a matter of principle between something like Keystone XL, which as far as we’re concerned is a big mistake, and west-east, west-east is a better alternative,” he said.

    So it’s an either-or situation eh Tom? What a rube.


    I think it’s a meme number, but it sounds good so works in the emotive world of progressivism.


  16. Which brings to mind that if the national dream of a cross-country railway was today, we would never see the CPR. Or, what about the cross Canada pipeline in the 1950’s and 60’s. I swear that so-called “Progressives” are the least progressive of any group of people on earth.


  17. Did anyone else pick up on Mulcair’s phony smile? It looked like he was advised to smile to show people he’s really not “Angry Tom”, however you can’t fake a smile any more than you can smuggle dawn past a rooster. Good luck with that.
    Still contend Mulcair’s chances are diminished with the election of the Notley NDP majority in Alberta. Likewise, Ontario Premier Wynne’s stumping with Trudeau could keep him in the third spot as Ontario people watch the utility bills and taxes keep rising. The carbon tax should be the final straw.


  18. So far he’s the big loser in the debate, according to media polls, while Harper is the clear winner, except in Toronto where Trudeau “won.” Actually he finished second to “nobody won.” Sandy, I think the Canada East pipeline is a modern iteration of the great nation building projects you refer to, developing, exploiting, transporting, refining and consuming the resource for the benefit of all Canadians. This is one of many blind spots in the NDP.

    An NDP “star” candidates just spoke out of school on the matter; Linda McQuaig says oilsands ‘may have to be left in the ground.”

    “Linda McQuaig, a star New Democratic Party candidate, says Alberta’s oilsands may need to remain undeveloped in order for Canada to meet its climate change targets. ‘A lot of the oilsands oil may have to stay in the ground if we’re going to meet our climate change targets,’ McQuaig said. “We’ll know that better once we properly put in place a climate change accountability system of some kind,” she told host Rosemary Barton. “And… once we have a proper review process for our environmental projects like pipelines.”

    Calgary Conservative candidate Michelle Rempel, appearing on the panel with McQuaig, quickly responded. ‘For the hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs are dependent on Canada’s energy sector, listen to what you just heard. Instead of standing up for the energy sector or Canada’s economy, you’re hearing ‘I want to tax this, I want this oil to be left in the ground.’ ”

    McQuaig later qualified her comments. “I didn’t say I want this oil left in the ground. I said we have to have environmental standards.” McQuaig suggested that former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed has himself called for a moratorium on the oilsands.

    In fact, in 2011 Lougheed voiced his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline on economic grounds. ‘I would prefer … we process the bitumen from the oilsands in Alberta and that would create a lot of jobs and job activity,” he told Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC.
    ‘That would be a better thing to do than merely send the raw bitumen down the pipeline and they refine it in Texas that means thousands of new jobs in Texas.’ ”

    Ouch, that’s likely to leave a mark. “Star” candidate eh? Coupled with Mulcair’s debate performance, the NDP wheels seem to be coming off early. I presume many gaffes await.



  19. The way Wynne is blatantly playing mother hen to Trudeau gives us a good insight into the modus operandi of Liberals, serve yourself first, do whatever it takes to grab and keep power, lie and buy if necessary. We can only hope most people see through this latest caper, see it for what it is, a self serving maneuver by Wynne who desperately needs someone she can manipulate to bail her out, cede to her demands.

    Does anyone recall any premier so openly supporting a particular candidate for PM?


  20. Linda McQuaig needs to do some research before babbling off, as a journalist that is one of the rules of the game This may not twig in the socialist bubble of Toronto, they don’t seem to know who’s buttering their bread, but it needs to be spread around so people can know what they get when they vote NDP. A leader with a fake smile and a crew of incompetents.
    Conservatives need to expose this stuff, people know by now Trudeau is not ready, this shows neither are the NDP.


  21. How about her out of province chiefs of staff in 10 of 12 ministries, staffed by NDPers with clear federal ties? Is that enough evidence of Mulcair’s involvement in the AB NDP governance, with unpromised doubling of carbon pricing and increased income tax without a budget or bothering to wait for the provincial legislature to sit.


  22. West east movement helpful to get rid of dependence on foreign oil but is not the money maker either as keeps us landlocked and eastern provinces do not have money to pay top dollar for it. Wonder why no-one talks about the northern gateway twin line? That the one that would allow us to sell oil and gas internationally opening up Asian markets. Make no mistake there are countries that would live buy our ethical oil than be beholden to middle east fascist dictators. This is the one that would make the money maker no us major player on global stage but foreign funded environmentalist groups and native bands trying stop it as lot of world oil players do not want us get this capability.


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