Wynne’s Liberal Gov’t refusing out-of-country care for 16 yr old Caroline Smith

Sixteen year old Caroline Smith & her father Bruce in London, Ont. on Tuesday August 4, 2015.  (Credits: Derek Ruttan/LFP/Postmedia)
Sixteen year old Caroline Smith & her father Bruce in London, Ont. on Tuesday August 4, 2015. (Credits: Derek Ruttan/LFP/Postmedia)

While Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne campaigns for federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and goes around claiming that Prime Minister Harper is not taking care of Ontarians, she and her Health Minister Eric Hoskins deny paying for life-saving surgery and care not available in Ontario.

Can you just imagine the reaction by the media if this refusal for health care services were done by a Conservative Government at any level in Canada?

Yet, Hoskins and his Ontario Health Ministry are able to give the run around to a sixteen year old girl from the Woodstock/Brantford area of Ontario. Caroline Smith is her name and she has a rare connective tissue-joint disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  (H/T Jack’s Newswatch)

Specifically, Health Ministry officials claim treatment and surgery could be done in Ontario. Yet, no physician has come forward to say he or she could do it. In fact, the only doctor to help her is London pediatrician Dr. Tony D’Souza — who has referred her to Dr. Fraser Hendersen, a Maryland surgeon who has done 2000 of the type of operation Smith requires.

Imagine having to live day to day never knowing when you can dislocate your wrist, knees or ankles or worse yet, your spine, just doing everyday activities. Yet, that is what Smith has to put up with, as well as the prejudice of Emergency Room doctors who don’t understand her symptoms and imply her problem is psychiatric.

Anyway, read the details at this link to an article by Jonathan Sher of the London Free Press. In that column, Sher explains how Smith is not the only young person the Ontario Health Ministry won’t help with this syndrome.

Basically, Smith is heading to Maryland on August 18th for surgery two days later to fuse her spine in order to help her avoid becoming a paraplegic.

So, the next time you hear or read that the Ontario Wynne Liberals are progressive and that she is not getting what she wants from the federal government under Stephen Harper, remember this example of how little Wynne’s own citizens are getting from HER government.

Remember also that Ontarians are getting less in spite of the fact that, in 2015/16, Wynne’s government will receive an extra $1.3 billion in equalization from the federal government, as well as an extra $735 million dollars more in health transfers.

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Endnote from Shers column, here are two ways to help Smith:

(1) To contribute to her fundraising campaign — http://www.gofundme.com/caroline-smith

(2) To sign an online petition asking Ontario to pay for care out of province — that is not available in Ontario no matter the claim to the contrary: https://goo.gl/O3FAzL


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

8 thoughts on “Wynne’s Liberal Gov’t refusing out-of-country care for 16 yr old Caroline Smith

  1. It’s passing strange when this province can take care of so many, many Quebec patients for specialist and regular procedures but can’t show heart for this young girl. When we have such ailments we want to get the specialist in the field with the most experience and knowledge of that particular problem. We pay more than enough taxes to deserve the best health care without having to go begging for money.

    If pressed on this what’s the bet Wynne won’t blame it on Harper? Shes’ getting more and more in our faces since the election call, it’s doubtful is she has time for anything beyond campaigning against Harper, she chose Trudeau because he’s Liberal and he’s a weak leader. In the end of it all we are the losers who pay more and get less in this socialist quagmire called Ontario.


  2. Right on Liz. I realize the government can’t pay for everything but when it will pay thousands for gender re-assignment hormone treatment, surgery and breast reduction, they can fund something as serious as this. They did the same thing for that young child, Liam, who was going blind. I can’t find my old link but I wrote about that a couple of years ago. His family got the same runaround.


  3. I’m back again, sorry, but Wynne is totally obnoxious, barking against PM Harper as if she is the only province in the Federation who deserves more of the pie. She was part of this mess under McGuinty and it’s proliferating under her leadership, relentlessly pushing up our taxes with green crap that’s out of the realm of common sense in the value for cost department
    What do the Conservatives do with this, let her spew on, or call her on it? The media are so happy to give her all the free airtime for her anti Harper campaign, it speaks to their agenda. I think it’s more against Harper, she’s just using Trudeau as an excuse.

    it’s a long way to October 19 to listen to this nasty woman, that’s my opinion.


  4. More idiocy from Wynne. Not content with driving the ON economy into the ground while depriving health care to its citizens, she continues her hissy fit over Harper refusing to help with her hair brained Ont pension plan, now making the ludicrous claim the transcontinental railway would not have built by Harper if he were PM instead of Sir John A Macdonald (a Conservative btw).

    Note to Wynne – Harper is proposing a similar project to further unite the Canadian economy – the Canada East pipeline – which the progressives cannot bring themselves to support. Had one of theirs been the PM at the time of Sir John A., the only way the railway would have been built is if someone convinced them it was a wind farm, then waiving an environmental review.

    How can such a woman of such breathtaking stupidity, addled by her ideology, criticize our PM’s leadership with a straight face? The Liberal Party of Toronto now has a federal wing. Trudeau should run away from her as fast as possible, but he won’t.

    Luckily for her you can’t legislate against stupidity. Too bad the ON electorate didn’t pick up the slack to dump those statist fools.



  5. The reality is Shamrock, the McGuinty Liberals in 2010 and the Wynne Liberals in 2014 got elected primarily by Toronto and Ottawa voters. The north went NDP and the rest of Ontario went PC. The rest of us just have to put up with it.


  6. Yes I know. Luckily Canada is not bound by this statistical &tragic accident of Canadian democracy.

    The LPC is continually being reduced to (fewer) big city enclaves, while holding some support in Atlantic Canada. Shoring up their Toronto vote will not help them nationally, plus the federal NDP and Conservatives are far more formidable foes than their bumbling ON cousins. Harper owns the 905 belt and most of the rest of ON, with some NDP presence in Timmins and elsewhere.

    I say let all the progressives keep yapping; give them plenty of rope. More grist for Harper’s mill. There are many more Wynne and McQuaig gaffers waiting in the wings.


  7. I’m thinking having a longer campaign is another clever move by PM Harper. It gives his opponents more rope to hang themselves. In the first debate Mulcair was obviously trying to dispel his angry Tom persona with his phony smile and Trudeau still presents as a preppy, exactly as the Conservative have defined him, he’s just not ready. Trudeau isn’t even a good actor, too much emoting to be realistic.


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