Majority of Canada’s veterans appreciate Harper Conservative Gov’t

Well, well, well. It seems that the truth is that the silent majority of Canadian veterans believe the Harper Conservative Government respects and appreciates them. Which is exactly what I suspected.

Yet, we have heard a lot in the mainstream media that veterans are angry at the Conservatives and want rid of them. In fact, most of what we read in the media regarding even active military is negative, as though any attempt by a governing party to reform practices — even outdated ones — was a bad thing.

Well, as it turns out, the ABC (Anything But Conservative) veterans group is in the minority and the only reason  we have heard their voices is because they have been the noisiest. Of course, there may be other reasons we have heard about them as well — given alleged union funding.

Anyway, here we are, a little more than a month from voting day, and we finally get to the truth. And, that truth, according to Veterans Doug Furchner and Lee Humphrey, is that the majority of veterans have received positive supportive treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs over the nine years the Tories have been in power.

And, we know that, thanks to Joe Warmington’s Toronto Sun article on Friday, September 11th. In fact, here are some quotes from that column that readers can share with friends and relatives in their community, on Twitter or on Facebook — because we need to get this good news out!

(1) “Now 60, Furchner in the 1980s suffered a broken leg when run over by a truck in training in Germany and post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in Cyprus. ‘I have never had anything but a positive experience dealing with Veterans Affairs,’ he said. ‘I have had a lot of support and I work with veterans from other eras, including Afghanistan, who have had similar experiences.’”

(2) “Added Humphrey: ‘Silent majorities lose so I vowed to remain silent no more and started the [Facebook] page the next day so the silent majority could tell their fellow Canadians that the ABC veterans’ group wasn’t the only voice in town.’”

The name of the veterans group represented by Furchner and Humphrey, who they say gets no funding from anyone, is: Veterans for the Conservative Party of Canada. To get to their Facebook page, simply sign in and click here.

H/T NewsWatchCanada.


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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

24 thoughts on “Majority of Canada’s veterans appreciate Harper Conservative Gov’t

  1. This veteran certainly supports the Conservatives. I was struck by the denial and mean-spirited tone of some commenters, one in particular who said Cypress “wasn’t that bad.” Yes, by the end of the mission everything was fairly quiet, but it was pretty gruesome at the beginning with the Greeks & Turks at each others’ throats.

    For one to make such a comment must mean they take for granted the sacrifices our military make, and not just in war or out of country. I lost two good friends from incidents in Canada. Military members and their families pay a high price along with loss of community life due to absences and postings.

    Unfortunately, as the saying goes, it’s a soldier’s job to complain, that’s part of what we see. A good portion of the Harper haters are in this group with their personal vendetta against him for their real and imagined injustices at DVA. Methinks DVA is passing the buck here with these vets, giving themselves a pass for their poor service.

    This is a factor; the sclerotic pace of the old guard at Veterans Affairs. Yes, there are good news stories, but recently DVA has been given a whole group of injured veterans, still young, many with profound physical injuries and debilitating trauma, brought on by guilt and dread at what they’ve seen. We live such sheltered lives here, we can’t begin to understand the brutality that takes place elsewhere; but we can appreciate their dedication. Canadians do and that is why veterans have a place of respect in our society; and that is why the left is politicizing the issue.

    The move to have Services Canada handle some inquiries and administration is a welcome move by the Harper government. The opposition doesn’t bother to mention this when they complain of “closed” DVA offices.

    So, while I agree our government is trying very hard, this is a complex issue rife with negativity, misinformation and political subterfuge (btw Jim Sinclair is a well know labour politician and isn’t there a conflict of interest, given DVA employees are in PSAC?).

    In any event, anyone who believes the NDP or Grits would do a better job better read some history on the issue.


  2. Thanks for that info Shamrock. I just added this Ottawa Citizen link to my second paragraph. Read it to the last couple of sentences and the agenda of the column will become obvious. We only have to remember that the journalists union is trying to take down the Conservative government, as is PSAC. Hmm.


  3. Yes,it’s a Union inspired takedown of the Harper government with collusion by some activist left-wing veterans,and there ARE some of those. Harper made a serious mistake appointing Fantino to the veterans portfolio,though, and now he’s paying for it. The former Chief of the OPP is about the last person who should have been appointed to a very sensitive portfolio. I know everyone makes mistakes, Fantino was one of Harper’s.
    The local VA office closed to great media fanfare and hand wringing by the local media, who are determinedly liberal in a conservative area. The local MP told us over coffee that the office here had five VA clients,and the employees of VA were simply being relocated to another office in a different building,with NO loss of service whatsoever. But the media never lets the facts get in theway of a good anti-Harper story.

    Several family members are veterans, my Dad was a WW2 veteran, and several are still active in the Armed Forces, not one has a good word to say about previous Liberal government treatment of veterans. Unfortunately, a former RCAF fighter pilot has decided to run for the Liberals here,and is gaining some traction,so we’ll have to make sure we get the vote out for our very good MP. We’re having a candidates meeting at my Fish and Game club this week, so I’ll be sure to attend to see what this fellow is all about.


  4. The ABC group was not only working for the unions, but working out of NDP offices in the H of C, which should be illegal. Where was the integrity commissioner, or the media, in educating the public over that fact. Nowhere. Just more double standards.


  5. The veterans I know are not supporters of the Liberals, they remember how they were neglected through the decades of Liberal rule. More recent veterans, those who were sent to Afghanistan without proper clothing or equipment, they even had to borrow cooking utensils from the US troops, remember as well. There are always some who are not satisfied ans you can count on the media seeking them out but they are few.
    I’m betting the Garrison closest to where I live are strongly supportive of the Harper Conservatives. The Conservative Member for the riding spends a lot of time among them.

    As for the NDP, they don’t believe in the military, they couldn’t be trusted to act to defend the country, they think they could negotiate from the barrel of a gun.


  6. When we consider the NDP is simply the Canada Labour Party, we get some insight into PSACs shenanigans.

    Harper stopped the crony, connected Grit capitalists and Big Labour from subordinating the Canadian economy under the auspices of the UN/IPCC with philosopher king PMs ruling us with their benevolent statism – and summer jobs for their kids and phony baloney jobs for the connected ones.

    They hate Harper for stopping that; they’re so arrogant they think he is their intellectual inferior, yet he beats them time and time again, especially when they misread the voter over military, security & immigration/refugee issues.

    That’s why the Conservatives will win again, but we still have to get our voices out there, as in this article. Thanks for that Sandy.


  7. You’re welcome Shamrock. As I said in the previous thread, I will not be posting as often but when something like this comes up, I definitely will. Plus, I will posting the 100 reasons.


  8. I have zero contact with veterans’ affairs but I do have contact with several veterans who were injured in Afghanistan (they call it the sand box) and both of them have nothing but praise for the treatment they have received.


  9. My father was a world war 11 veteran who passed away at age 88 a few years ago, and he always supported the Conservative Govt. My Dad had many medals and he was a lieutenant in charge of the tanks into Holland. I recall a phone call from him, as he didn’t live close to me. He always brought up how veterans from world war two were appalled at Pierre Trudeau driving around in Montreal with a German helmet on his head …this is a vision my Dad could not get out of his head…he always brought it up. After the sacrifices of himself and his Canadian fighters against Hitler there were a lot of my Dad’s friends who died in their tanks. My Dad asked afterwards about a certain person who was a great guy and a friend in one of the tanks, if he survived, but he did not .Many stories about death by Canadians for Canada. It was hard for my Dad to talk about it. My Dad told me he had services from PM Harper…he told me about them. Snow removal, pension. anything he needed. He met PM harper in person and was impressed by the man. When my Dad died, the Conservative Govt. had representatives travel from ottawa to come to his funeral. I listen to the media and Liberals and NDP against this Govt support for veterans and it brings me back to my Dad and what my Dad did for Canada and all this negativity against the conservatives makes me sad. My Dad was a veteran and supported PM Harper conservatives!!!


  10. Notice to anyone leaving a negative anti-Harper rant-like comment, I am simply not interested. There are plenty of other places you can put your distaste. This is a pro-Conservative blog operated by a woman of retirement age whose grandfather and father have both served. I saw how the Liberal Party of Canada nearly ruined the military over the years and have to say that if any younger veteran thinks he or she will do better with another Liberal or NDP government is naive to say the least.


  11. I served in the Canadian Forces (Army) from 1955 to 1984, and all I can say is whenever a health or any other problem has occurred for me or my family, Veterans Affairs have been ready to help. I had a great career and the Canadian Government owes me nothing.


  12. Amen! It’s hard to understand how misinformed and just plain ignorant of the facts some people are. Sadly they have a vote in spite of their ignorance.


  13. DiaBach — This is a private blog. If you want me to approve any more comments, please leave an email address that provides your real name. Thanks.


  14. Dia Bach or George — I have saved your comment with your name and email but did not approve it so as to keep your privacy. Thank you for that information. Much appreciated.


  15. I just wish both sides would allow for the truth offered by the other … as usual, the world is grey, not black and white. Paul Franklin had to prove every year that his legs had not grown back. Only a social media storm caused VAC to back off, a bit. Now he only has to prove his legs have not grown back once every three years. That’s progress … ??? He also had his wheelchair repossessed because someone in VAC did not file the paperwork properly. That’s O.K., I guess. He was a trained soldier, he can crawl from his hand-operated car to his apartment on his hands and knees. Oh, wait, he has no knees, either. Unfortunately, Paul is not alone in his battles with VAC. Let’s allow that VAC does not get it right all the time. And that sometimes it does.


  16. You have some valid points Brian. We are talking about bureaucrats here. However, the Conservative governing party is getting a bum rap for what public servants do or don’t do. And, given the official PSAC war and work to rule in some cases, both sides of the story are definitely not getting out. Thus, my attempt to do so.


  17. Sandy, that Citizen article is quite sad. Technologies allow streamlining, and the Forces face the same demographic pressures as other employers, an aging and retiring population, whose ability is difficult to replace. The Canadian military was, is and will continue to be a great opportunity for young people; it was my privilege yesterday to say a few words to a fellow in my church who heads off the basic training next week.

    The pay, unlike when I began, is great, even a private makes decent money (about $40K, many civilian office managers make less, for example) , especially for a level entry job, with generous benefits and leave (4 weeks instead of 2 per year, rising to 5 after 5 years service). Add to that opportunities for travel and sports, and you have the complete package, especially adding a level leadership that is mostly unknown or practiced on “civie street.”

    The writer must a junior in the Citizens’ stable, it showed a misunderstanding of how the military handles its logistics and meets its operational requirements.


  18. Thank Brian. Yes I agree to some extent but it is internal bureaucratic not government politics that is at the root of the disservice to our veterans, young and old. The truth is the WW2 and Korean vets reached the point of requiring extensive services, for which DVA personnel seemed unwilling & unable to perform. Their obvious conflict of interest with their union’s fight to remove Harper naturally lends itself to the suspicion they have injected themselves into the problem.

    Add to this nonsense the large new group Afghanistan and other veterans has caused the problem to snowball. Harper has alleviated the issue somewhat by using Service Canada offices for vet affairs, but it seems many in the civil service seem willing to let their union play politics while they seek to remove our PM.

    Having been in the people business all my life, my heart really goes out to the fellow you refer to; I know it can be frustrating. I can tell you stories of bureaucratic laziness, indifference and incompetence that would make you shed a tear for the people affected. Too often in our society we let logistical and administration systems become our masters rather than our servants. This is a worrying trend, in our society, especially government, where service deliverers don’t understand, or care, what their mission is and how they are supposed to help people, not serve systems or their union, or their personal wants.


  19. Shamrock and Brian — As I just said in a comment under this cross-post, some vets have difficulty separating the bureaucrats from the governing party. On day-to-day operations, the governing party has nothing do with the department. Even the Minister only deals with the Deputy Minister and sometimes senior policy people.

    I found that out when I worked for a Harris era PC MPP in Ontario. MPP’s would get called to complain to the Minister of Transportation, for example, when the snow on the highway wasn’t cleared.

    It was hard for them to understand there is a separation between the Executive Branch, of elected members, and the actual “government.”

    The public service carries on no matter who is in “power.”

    Yes, governing parties can change policies and that in turn changes directions of departments but it is not like an MP or MPP, or even a Cabinet Minister, can walk into an office and tell anyone what to do. They can’t.

    Elected members actually are only you and me voted to represent the people where we live. Other than voting for laws, backbenchers can do nothing and Ministers have to get senior bureaucrats on side because when there are changes, it is those senior folks who direct them, not the Minister.

    So, if there is a shake-down needed in Veteran’s Affairs, it is the senior management who is to blame — as well as the union who hates change.


  20. Some people think that Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister were BBC comedy. They actually painted a fairly accurate picture of the way the government works. Every once in a while you will see some ridiculous policy come to the fore and you will wonder how did that ever get enacted. Well somewhere some bureaucrat had a dream and (s)he pushed and pedaled and cajoled until it came to pass whether the public wants it or not.


  21. Right on Joe. I loved that program because it was so accurate. Mind you I think our PM would not be so easy to fool as PM Jim Hacker was by Sir Humphrey. LOL


  22. In effect, the bureaucrats and the entire public service operate outside of government and can make trouble for the governing party with union support if they don’t like a particular government. They seem to be consistent in disliking Conservative governments.

    This needs to be spelled out loudly and clearly until there is a clear understanding of who they are really dealing with and where the blame lies.


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