Globe debate notwithstanding, 15 economic reasons Canada better off with Harper

This post spells out 15 reasons Canadians are better off economically than they were in January 2006 when the Tories took office, something I had hoped would be covered in last night’s Globe debate — but didn’t.

In fact, the Globe debate was a complete sham given the moderator allowed the two opposition leaders to interrupt, not only each other, but Prime Minister Harper as well. Not only that, the moderator didn’t allow the PM to finish answering the questions put to him before allowing the others to talk over him.

Oh, and a certain Globe female journalist showed horrendous disrespect by correcting herself after she referred to Mr. Harper as the prime minister — then changed that to Leader of the Conservative Party — when in reality he is BOTH at the moment.

Yet, throughout it all, Mr. Harper took it all in stride, seemed relaxed, and just let the others battle it out. Why? Because he has to hope that Canadians know they are financially better off than they were a decade ago.

However, if Canadians don’t know how much better things are economically, in spite of the oil slowdown, I am inviting people to email or tweet the hyper link for this post to everyone they know.

We need to get the word out. Taken from my list of 100 reasons to vote Conservative on October 19th, I would recommend readers go directly to the list for the non-partisan explanatory and attribution sources for the 15 items. (H/T NewsWatchCanada)

Here they are, with their item number from the 100 list:

# 1. Adoption tax credit increased;

# 22. Corporate tax rate reduced twice to 15%;

# 26. Disability savings plan;

# 30. EI premiums reduced to 15%;

# 36. Family caregiver tax credit $2000;

# 37. Family income splitting up to $2000 refund;

# 45. GIS improvements to allow for higher earned income;

# 46. GST/HST from 7% to 5%;

# 51. Income splitting for seniors/retirees;

# 57. Kids sports tax credit up to $500 per child;

# 75. Public transit tax credits;

# 82. Self-employment Fairness Act for special benefits for volunteers;

# 84. Small business tax reduction to lower EI premiums;

# 89. Fully 160 tax cuts over the 9 years in power; and

# 97. Universal Child Care Benefit enhancement to age 17.

Plus, remember, the Conservative election platform says that “single seniors” will qualify for a $2,000 tax credit if the CPC is re-elected the government. Which, when combined with the $2000 pension income credit already in place, could result in a $600.00 refund — and that is real in-your-hands money!!

The crux of the matter is that Canadians are better off now than they were before the Conservatives came to power in 2006.

C/P Jack’s Newswatch Sept. 19, 2015



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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

9 thoughts on “Globe debate notwithstanding, 15 economic reasons Canada better off with Harper

  1. No doubt included in #89, tax reductions, two items deserve special attention IMHO, because they are aimed at lower income Canadians, for whom the progressives seemed to have lost interest, other than as a source for carbon taxation:

    Canada Employment amount – non refundable tax credit to reduce taxes, potentially in excess of $1000/year, and

    Working Income Tax Benefit – refundable tax credit for lower income Canadians, which they can receive regardless of if they pay any income tax, approaching $2000 for lowest income working Canadians.

    These measures illustrate that Mr Harper has done more for lower income Canadians than any other pretenders for the poor, who wish to burden them further with national cap & trade programs (which Mr Mulcair would have us believe are not new taxes and result in no new revenue), and of course regressive increased corporate taxes. He obviously thinks taxing the productivity of job creators, along with more payroll taxes, are the way to increase “jobs.” PSAC jobs maybe.

    Mulcair is also OK with taxpayers subsidizing over $8000 per day care spot “created;” actually private day care spots are destroyed to create more expensive unionized set ups, as when jobs are “created” by government. Those “rich Canadians” can have day care they don’t need, but not more disposable income, which they do need. He cynically expects the provinces to pay 40% of the cost. Grandparents willing to provide free babysitting will now subsidize union day care jobs in obscene amounts.

    More pixie dust economics, where money grows on trees, he next rich guy lines up to be fleeced, & only government if virtuous.

    There’s no need to actually cost these programs, just fake some numbers for credibility’s sake. Sell, sell, sell, emotion. They actually think they’ll raise $3.7billion additional corporate taxes over the next four years? Quite laughable, and given Mulcair’s shout out performance last night and creepy “just trust me” snake oil appearance, I doubt the charade will last much longer.

    This NDP idea we need change, but apparently without radical policy differences; another contradictory part of their platform, along with, for example, collecting back “subsidies” from oil companies, which are actually carbon taxes they think should have been collected, but were never levied. Now they will be. Maybe their Maoist watermelon friends & their manifesto can add detail.

    Harper won this debate, hands down, because he tried to present facts in a logical and relevant fashion, and because the other leaders are incapable of this kind of intellectual analysis, they shouted him down, and that fool moderator let them. No matter, only Harper appeared prime ministerial and Mulcair’s aggressiveness and Trudeau’s ignorance will cost them, especially in BC, which is their hope for power at this time. BTW don’t blame Harper’s policies for “400,000 lost manufacturing jobs lost,” blame union seniority largesse and the idiotic policies of Gerald Butts adopted by McGuinty, later Wynne and now proposed by Trudeau, who has clearly exited the overall election debate.


  2. Timely info for all our Conservative candidates on the campaign trail. Getting the facts out is key, we cannot count on the media party, they’re more disgusting every day.


  3. Didn’t watch the debate(s) and plan on missing the rest of them as well. The simple truth is and this is something Conservatives seem to have trouble explaining is that we don’t need to tax nearly as much as we do. We could cut the CBCs funding in half and soon have a better operation. Alberta cut ties with CKUA here in Alberta and the programming has improved. Ralph cut the civil service by 20% and services improved.


  4. Joe is right! The issue is that SO MANY of the under 45 crowd are being programmed to think that they are being ripped off because they have lost their conveniences. It is so interesting to talk to them and hear their take. NOW that so many of them in AB will walk in my shoes i.e. the NEP and losing their jobs, their homes, their marriages, their lifestyles… perhaps they will get it. This is going to occur under an NDP provincial govt.

    The rest of Canada has no idea who was bankrolling them. It wont be us.


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