Wake up Canada to NDP Obama-lite PC socialist multi-culture relativism

As my title suggests, it’s time that Canadians woke up to what an NDP federal government would look like. To imagine, they need only look to our Southern neighbour and what has happened to the U.S. military under President Obama and his Democrats — where political correctness and multi-cultural relativism has become a sickness.

I mean, what kind of a world do we live in when a decorated U.S. Green Beret — Charles Martland — serving in Afghanistan is, not only systematically discharged, but now denied an appeal. Why? For facing down and shoving an Afghan who was alleged to have sexually assaulted a young boy child and beaten his mother.

Suggesting that the United States is now a politically correct socialist world, President Obama’s world, where too much is relative in the name of diversity and multi-culturalism. A “look the other way because it is their culture” type of attitude.

A quote from the New York Times column linked above:

“’At night we can hear them [young boys] screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,’ the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. ‘My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.’”

Think about this Canada. This is what a federal NDP and/or Trudeau wish-washy Liberal Government would look like. I mean, even the Nobel Committee regrets giving Obama the Peace Prize!

Plus, there is these two quotes about Martland’s situation from a Fox News column (H/T Jack’s Newswatch # 8).

Even as the U.S. military denies reports that American troops were told to ignore Afghan child abusers, an 11-year Green Beret who was ordered discharged after he confronted an alleged rapist was informed Tuesday that the Army has denied his appeal.”

The memo, dated Sept. 14, comes as the Defense Department comes under criticism amid reports that U.S. soldiers were instructed to look the other way when Afghan troops and officers were sexually abusing boys.”

There is also this Google page where there are 584,000 items related to this matter.

So, make no mistake about it, the crux of the matter is that political correctness and multi-cultural relativism, if we continue to let it, will rot the very foundations of Western society for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

14 thoughts on “Wake up Canada to NDP Obama-lite PC socialist multi-culture relativism

  1. Canada’s multiculturalism approach sets us apart to some extent from the States; and it has many good aspects. But it raises the issue of where to set the limits. Should we accept Sharia law in some communities? Probably not. Can a woman wear a niqab on the streets, in a store? Sure, why not? To vote, face a judge, swear the oath of citizenship? I say no, not for the these formal things. The government’s relatively calm-but-firm stance on this seems quite reasonable. As well the need to test it in the courts and if needed legislate seems like the correct way to go.

    On CJAD (Montreal) the other day Ethan Cox (pretty much left wing and seriously afflicted with HDS (Harper Derangement Syndrome) of course maintained that the Tories pursue the niqab matter to create a “wedge” issue. I texted in and pointed out that in fact the NDP and Liberals with their knee-jerk reaction that they would allow the niqab for the citizenship oath were in fact trying to create a wedge issue. Their mutual ABC (anybody but conservative) and HDS mentality may come back to haunt them in this case.


  2. The attempted refugee wedge issue tried by the opposition and the mediocracy has backfired as it becomes more and more clear they are the ones playing politics while Harper’s team has been dealing with this issue for a number of years, have already resettled many refugees, and continue to punch well above our weight in this international crisis.

    I agree though, that doesn’t matter In our relativistic world, where budget increases are cuts, where governments create net jobs & trying to reimburse taxpayers is a criminal act. Relativism feeds false narratives and is therefore quite dangerous.

    Yes relativism is to our detriment but is useful for those wishing to cloud the issue, to appeal to LIVs. Thus climate change scam skeptics are ex-officio Nazis, the nation deemed to be the finest on earth by most of our globe sharers is an international embarrassment, & it’s OK to deny low income Canadians tax cuts, then provide unionized day care to rich Canadians.

    Thanks to political relativism, oil & gas companies can be levied for the “internalized cost,” aka carbon pricing/taxing for their operations, so and the polluting producer will pay, but somehow not the consumer. Now “subsidies” can be those heretofore un-levied charged carbon taxes are not “new taxes.” You are getting very sleeping – hey, hey, ho, ho Harper’s gotta go.

    My favourite is “corporations should pay more tax” which essentially means people should pay more tax. People are shareholders, including those holding investment & pension funds, and managers and employees who all now have less to work with than before, thus less jobs & less income for employees.

    But killing a private sector job and replacing it with a public sector job is “job creation,” for which apparently Harper has the worst record since the great depression?

    Good because governments don’t create jobs, it happens from the bottom up by virtue of the citizen and civil society, with government facilitation within the bounds of economic freedom. The relativists will never accept that productivity is decreased with government intervention and that is why limited government is best. More relativism – now I’m against ANY government.

    BTW, for all those relativists who think $200,000 is an unjust earning, requiring a tax increase; let’s get all the mediocracy & public sector union executives to agree now members in either field will refuse to earn above that amount. For the sake of fairness and justice, wouldn’t that be a fine gesture? No? Oh, that’s not the “same” thing. Maybe not but it’s “relatively” the same.

    Regarding that unfortunate marine. While it is painful to look the other way to abuse of children, the soldier must be duty bound in this situation and accept what is happening, within the bounds of their culture, if you are in their country. However when a crime against a person, such as rape, is witnessed in progress, universal rights not local culture apply, so the soldier is duty bound to intervene within the purview of his delegated authority. Arresting a perpetrator and turning him over to the local constabulary would be to me a proper action to take. Shoving down an official, not matter how justified in our eyes, or disgusting the behaviour of the perpetrator, is not proper action on his part.

    The matter should have been dealt with quietly, with perhaps some minor administrative or disciplinary action. A good reaming out from his CO could have sufficed. The US military, however, went way, way overboard is discharging this soldier, without a doubt imho driven by a desire for political correctness. In my day, the scumbag would have had an unfortunate, but relatively accidental fall later that day, but I wax nostalgic.

    For the Marine, It started for him when he shoved the wrong guy in the wrong town in the wrong time; and yes it really sucks.


  3. Wow Shamrock you squeezed so much clear-headed truth into your reply. Bravo! It is a huge theme in this campaign — countless (well at least 100 ;–) solid responsible actions by the Tories versus vague often mis-truthful ABC HDS nonsense coming from the other side(s). And the positioning is weird, the NDP trying to look centrist (but also comfortably relativistic) and the Liberals being forced to go more left wing. Justin Trudeau, to listen to him, would roll back the clock 15 years.. Some vote for change, more like a blast from the past.


  4. These are the same questionable homo sapiens who considerate it so wonderfully fashionable to make a public spectacle of the decapitations of innocent people. It may be time for us to shelve our subtleties and display some reverse savagery for their own abhorrent viewing, if they’re capable of being abhorred. The aforementioned and well-applied terms of “ABC” and “HDS” are somber symptoms of some jaundiced attitudes in our so-called free world of the West. Jimmy Morrison (The Doors lead singer who died at age 27, like several others) sang “the West is the Best”, but if allowed to degenerate via our own sympathetic plight to open our doors to anyone and everyone, a 2% to 5% fanatical contamination factor could effectively spell our demise. For more than a generation, we have bent over backwards for minority rights, and pretty soon the minorities will be majorities. How will they thank us? By taking over and cutting off our heads. Neither The Beard nor The Weird could steer the good ship Canada through the precarious times ahead. As for the U.S., their election cannot come quick enough. The Republicans have some presidential candidates determined to restore a measure of honour and respect to that once proud and still powerful nation.


  5. We see CTV ‘s full of herself Lisa LaFlamme in a clip telling us this is an election like no other. What she means by that we can only guess. This election is critical for the country to those of us who are paying attention to events beyond our own back yards. The choice has never been clearer and that means no to change. We need to talk to our young people who are being taken by the eco freaks and the various and sundry leftist movements, their brain washing began the day they started school.


  6. I was in the military when Trudeau senior was prime minister, and many of us thought that he hated the military. Unification was only the most visible manifestation of his effort to downgrade and starve the military. It was not surprising to recently discover that he had attended Stalin’s funeral with the Canadian Communist Party’s leadership. With all the political correctness paralyzing society these days I expect that with Justin as prime minister the military would be downgraded even more and turned into an adult version of the Girl Guides. If Mulcair becomes prime minister he would go even further and the leadership in the military would be politicized and neutered just like the US military has been. If a general balks what is happening he is sacked.

    Considering what happened at High river, Alberta, I would suggest that the RCMP has already been led down the path of being politicized.

    Shamrock, “Yes relativism is to our detriment but is useful for those wishing to cloud the issue, to appeal to LIVs.” You nailed it. The LIVs believe it when they are told the lies by the two leftist parties that only the rich will pay more taxes and only the “polluting” companies will pay through carbon taxes. They do not realize that all these taxes will filter down through every product that they need to live.

    Liz J, Lisa is slavering at the thought of Prime Minister being relegated to the opposition benches.


  7. A fine picture of a brave and resolute man Sandy.
    That he is being punshied for caring and trying to protect the innocent and defenceless, is an indictment of his corrupt leadership.
    Do not forget the instant dismissal of the commander who would not “stand down” in Benghazi.
    “Semper Fi” is not an empty phrase.
    Brave and resolute men died that night, abandoned and betrayed by their Commander in Chief.
    Help was near and available.
    “This is an election like no other” no it is another election which will have severe consequences if Canadians let the beard or the weird anywhere near the levers of power.
    Both want to tax us back to the stone age.
    We have stable, mature and competent Government voted the #1 country in the world why would anyone want to “change” that?
    Obama and his democrats are corrupt, evil and racist. JMO
    They play “look a squirrel” at every opportunity, whether over a fake clock or whatever and the media follows along
    The vast majority of normal Canadians don’t agree with Trudeau or Muclair on the face covering woman.
    Their attempt to wedge this issue is pathetic, this woman is IMO disrespectful, rude and does not have a “right” to disrespect our citzenship ceremonies.
    She should not let the door hit her butt on the way back to where her customs are considered acceptable.
    I wonder how the French, in France of course , would have reacted to Muclair wearing a clown mask as he pledged alligance to France?


  8. How do we know this Kurffuffle over face covering wasn’t planned by an activist to come out during the election campaign to sideline or hijack the issues of great importance like safety and security and the economy. It seems only PM Harper is getting the heat over it and he’s simply stating what the vast majority of Canadians agree with, Show your face when taking the oath of citizenship, do what you like beyond that, cover your entire carcass is that’s what is required of your…..whatever. Well respected Canadians of the Muslim faith are all saying it has nothing to do with their religion, we need to believe that to be true. IMO if anyone wants to join our society it’s a poor way of showing it running about in public with face, and in some cases entire body covered. I could never deal with anyone whose face I cannot see.


  9. Funny part about multiculturalism is that we have to bend over backwards to accommodate and respect other cultures. The reasons that these other cultures have such rich tapestries and customs that we are told we must respect is precisely because none of them practiced multiculturalism and as such still have an identifiable culture. Canada is losing hers to the cult of mulitculti.

    That being said Canada has always welcomed people of other cultures, so Canada’s heritage is made up of many cultures – but prior to Trudeau 1, those cultures were not given precedent over our own.

    Also with regards to multi culti, the real racists are those who promote multi culti based on color. To be truly multi culti in their books, the new immigrants only fit the multi culti bill if they are of color.

    So they essentially lump everyone of European descent into the same category based on the fact they are white.

    So because they are white, Germans are the same as irish who are the same as Fins, who are the same as the French. I think these cultures would disagree they are the same based on their skin color, but that is where the left lumps them, and why we have so little European immigration any more.


  10. All good points everyone. Ward — that is a very good point about our ancestors no longer counting as having a culture. My Scottish grandmother would definitely not agreed that her background was the same as the English. LOL


  11. IMO the Charter is the biggest problem in this democracy, Multiculturalism compounds it. A writ like the Charter makes some more equal than others according to it’s interpretation by an unelected body of judges. We can thank Trudeau 1 for that, we were a country run by the rule of law with a democratically elected government, all people were equal under the law and no one was afforded special treatment on the basis of ethnicity or anything else. IMO the Charter is responsible for the HRC’s which regularly have soreheads trotting to them with complaints that are beyond ridiculous. Just ask Ezra Levant.


  12. The niqab issue, at least outside of Quebec, is one of many attempts by the progressives and their mediocracy friends to take the limelight off the important issues (economy, security, attempts to needlessly “transform capitalism” by leftists). This is being done to keep Harper from demonstrating and thus confirming his message has a consistent vision (he showed this in the french debates imho). This is done for two mains reasons: first, to fully mobilize the irrational anybody by Harper/Conservatives cabal – their vote now ensconced in the other parties; and. also to deprive undecided voters of the opportunity to critically examine the platforms of the Grits and NDP, neither of whom have provided detailed costing of their platforms, while Harper’s is currently in place, in real time, showing good results, with more good news coming. That inconvenient truth cannot be tolerated by leftists because they have no answer to it other than to spend & smear more, more, more.

    Instead, Mulcair loses support with each debate performance, especially with the arrogant waving of his arms and rude habit of interrupting any idea from Harper that doesn’t conform with the socialist/watermelon worldview and Mulcair’s addled assumptions. Trudeau looks more and more like a petulant schoolboy, droning on with his oft-repeated talking points – no doubt buoyed by the random/within margin of error “polling” which mistakenly gives him the perception of strength – does anyone seriously think the Grits will pick up 30 additional seats in Ontario this election?

    The ABH/ABC movement has peaked and is now losing steam; we have heard all the progressive arguments, yet they still parrot non-resonating nonsense like “400,000 manufacturing jobs lost – or is it 300,000?,” without bothering to consider statist policies in Ontario can be laid at the feet of many job losses, that manufacturing in the developed economies is/has been in relative decline; or that the US is in the throes of a massive loss of manufacturing jobs and is thought to be heading into another recession soon, which would be the 3rd or 4th under Obama’s watch I believe.

    Voters create governments, and hardworking Canadian businesses and employees create jobs, not government policy or spending or rhetoric. That theme is gaining strength. In any event, I think the ABH plea for transformational change never had any electoral legs with the voter, who are now just beginning to politically engage and critically examine the validity of party positions.

    And that is why they must shut Harper up, by using fake issues and “scandals” to keep him “on the defensive,” while arrogant bullies like Mulcair try to shout down Harper’s solid, unified and consistent arguments – unsuccessfully last night btw. First they tried to smear him, then they tried to daily knock him off message; since that seems to have failed, watch now for “protesters” showing up to shut down Harper Conservative rallies, in a continuing and desperate attempt to keep the Conservatives’ policies out of the mainstream media and voter consciousness.

    Sell, sell, sell emotion. As the saying goes, progressives don’t question from their intellect, they know from their hearts, so logic be damned.


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