Group think is destroying universities

teachers in today's elementary and secondary schools, as well as those in universities, need to teach students how to think, how to argue and how to get ready for the real world, a world that, yes, sometimes is tough to navigate.

As my title says, social justice group-think is destroying our schools and universities. It is destroying them because too many teachers in those contexts feel it necessary to refute and deny the very Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of our Western Society — values such as personal responsibility, freedom of choice, individualism and faith in God.

Instead, social justice scholars are teaching humanist/atheist neo-Marxism ideology — a one size fits all ideology that values collectivism and the intrinsic goodness and perfectability of human beings.

For example, check out the negative reaction to the blog post by University of Chicago Professor Rachel Fulton Brown, called “”Three cheers for white men.” written initially in June 2015. Many of those reactions are updates on her blog called “Fencing Bear at Prayer.” To begin with, she was condemned by a graduate student of social justice radical feminism, whom I will not identify, which eventually went viral.

On the positive side, there is essayist David Solway’s The University is ripe for replacement dated Sept. 7, 2018, as well as The unbearable whiteness of being dated September 9th, 2018. And, don’t miss the “Milo Chronicles.”

There are also petitions from both sides of the spectrum. Which means, that at this point in time, there are still academics who value the Western foundations Brown talks about. For example, University of Ottawa Professor, Janice Fiamengo, who has a series of videos available, put up a video (# 86) explaining the entire issue. See that video below.  Fiamengo is a very brave but principled academic in my opinion.

Since I retired from teaching university in 2000, I have been watching and listening to the collapse of university scholarship regarding the various paradigms of thought and our Western cultural history. In my opinion, what we are witnessing is a cancer, infecting and spreading throughout the body politic. One of the symptoms of that cancer is the relativistic notion that all human beings and societies are good. I read recently, for example, that a lovely young couple believed in the goodness of man to such an extent, they set about cycling around the world to prove it. The last I read, unfortunately, they were stabbed to death in Tajikistan by ISIS killers.

And, yes, the social justice philosophy is everywhere today. From what young parents tell me, report cards no longer have alphabet grades like A and B because they don’t want to upset the slower students. Or, what about school sports games or Field Day? No one wins anymore. Rather, there is a draw.  So, how do students learn personal responsibility and how do they learn from their mistakes when they are not allowed to fail or come last? They don’t and we know what happens, don’t we? Today’s university students become the snowflakes we hear about today who need safe spaces when conservatives are invited to give talks. Just ask Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro and Mark Stein, to name a few.

The crux of the matter is that teachers in today’s elementary and secondary schools, as well as those in universities, need to teach students how to think, how to argue and how to get ready for the real world, a world that, yes, sometimes is tough to navigate. If, however, that doesn’t happen over the next decade or two, the consequences will be an end to free speech in the sense of the freedom to have a different opinion, as well as the Judaeo-Christian values which underpin our Western civilisation.

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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

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