Christine Blasey Ford’s feminism not about equality

Judge Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford Sept. 27th Senate Hearing.

If you are a woman who believes women should always be believed, treated like a snowflake, and understand “choice” to only be about abortion, don’t read this column.


For two reasons: First, because I believe feminism means equality of the sexes and second, because I agree with everything David Horowitz writes today in his Front Page Mag article: “Sorry for blurting it out, but Christine Blasey Ford is a liar.

He sums up his views in this paragraph:

Any fair-minded observer of the Kavanaugh proceedings would have noted that no one – Republican or Democrat – so much as laid a glove on his female accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, even though she had come forward to destroy the life of an exemplary individual and his family. No one, dared to do so. Call this feminine or victim privilege.”

I call it inequality!

Yes, I know Horowitz is male. But so what? When watching the U.S. Senate hearings a week ago, my eyes saw exactly what his saw and my ears heard exactly what his heard. And, that was that neither the Prosecutor (Rachel Mitchell) questioning Ford or the Senators, Democrat or Republican, ever really questioned or challenged any of Ford’s answers.

For example, when Rachel Mitchell asked Ford why her friend did not corroborate her narrative, she answered simply that her friend had health issues. Pardon me? What did her friend’s health issues have to do with the fact that her friend said she had never met Judge Kavanaugh nor did she recall the party in question?

Of course, not all men are disbelieved, only conservative men or men like Judge Brett Kavanaugh who were recommended to the U.S. Supreme Court by a Republican President. In Canada, our Liberal PM Trudeau said recently regarding a long ago groping incident (paraphrased) that he and she simply didn’t remember the event in the same way. And, our liberal media calmly accepted that answer.

Anyway, it’s sad that feminism has come to this. I remember when the modern feminist movement started back in the late 1960s. Like many young women at the time, the new views gave me permission to go back to school and live a life un-thought of by the previous generation of women. Feminism then meant the choice of working in the home or the workforce. And, it had nothing to do with abortion, or its popular euphemism “reproductive rights.”

However, in but a few short years, something backward happened. The concept of feminism changed. It was no longer about equality and choice for both sexes. It was only about equality and choice “if” you were also pro-abortion, pro-lesbian, pro career, anti-male and against a woman’s right to choose motherhood and child rearing as a career path.

Proof of that crash was a Canadian feminist magazine out of Winnipeg that I initially subscribed to in the late 1970s called “Herizons.” It became so one sided that I eventually cancelled my subscription.

Fast forward to today. The crux of the matter is that I still believe in the equality of men and women and real choice, whether a man or woman wants to work in the home or follow a career. In other words, if feminism was really about choice and equality, Ford would have been questioned to the same extent as Kavanaugh. Yet, as Horowitz said, she wasn’t.

It is truly sad that the original feminism of equality and true choice in the 1960s became closed to at least half the female population — the half that wants to work at child rearing in the home, the half that are pro-male, the half that are pro-life and the half that are conservative.

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Sandy is a retired educator, author & former conservative political strategist. She operated the first "Crux of the Matter" from 2006 until 2017 and opened this "Crux of the Matter 2.0" blog in late August, 2018.

4 thoughts on “Christine Blasey Ford’s feminism not about equality

  1. How is Dr. Ford being treated like a snowflake, she has received death threats?
    So for a woman like Ford, she is to stay silent forever? It is unlikely anything would have happened to Kavanaugh in those years had the assault been reported. It would have then been viewed as ruining his life.


  2. She was treated like a snowflake Kate because her allegations were not challenged. And, both families have received death threats. Her responses were pure emotion. I understand. I actually am an educational psychologist. Recovered memories are only good and reliable if they can be corroborated by someone else.

    Last night President Trump was accused of belittling Ford for daring to ask the questions she didn’t have answers for or didn’t know.

    But, thanks for commenting.


  3. TY Sandy. You have the credentials to understand feminism because you witnessed its roots and formation.

    My own view as a male child of the 50s is women by and large took control for themselves throughout society, on their terms, without a lot of help from the feminist movement.

    If feminists want to take credit for that, it is up to them. I’m sure they helped. I think it was a micro rather than a macro phenomenon.

    Regarding Kavanagh, a simple question must be asked: what if your son or daughter, or spouse or someone else you love was accused in this way. Would you assume their guilt? Of course not. What if you hated the accused?

    Different answer? This is a partisan issue, not anywhere near feminism imho. Are we to believe because men are rapists that Judge Kavanagh is a rapist?

    How is that conclusion drawn in this discrete, and wholly questionable case? It depends on your political lens?

    The answer is far more chilling than radical feminism, that’s just today’s label. Kavanagh’s accuser is to be believed, so he is evil. But, the facts are in: A constitutional originalist cannot be the swing vote on the SC.

    This will undermine the globalist vision of open borders and bigger government statism for a generation.

    To stop this, the once proud Democrat party has sunk into the abyss of fascism, whereby innocence, along with rights & privileges, are doled out according to identity by revolutionaries in blue silk suits and designer ensembles.

    The point is Cory Booker is right, Kavanagh’s guilt or innocence is not on trial, his contrary political views are.

    But it is a Confirmation, so suck it up buttercup, time to vote. Marxists fusing with fascists; what an ugly spectacle.

    If his view prevails, then the weight of accusations will be the standard for guilt and God help the US body politic.

    The Democrat party has been co-opted by alt left of neo-Marxism and identity fascism, two distinct ideologies without a difference, both collectivist. All of them are willing to destroy lives and reputations for party power.


  4. Interesting analysis Phil as usual. I see the link to feminism simply as a failure of a philosophy that initially had so much hope. I was never a feminist myself but was ready to take advantage of that new social view in the early 1970s. Going back to school after having 2 children just didn’t happen before that time.

    I went to teacher’s college in my mid 20s and I can remember one of the professors ridiculing the very idea that women left their kids with a babysitter to attend school. I knew he was referring to me — since most teacher’s college students were fresh out of Grade 13 — but I ignored him.


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