Mansbridge interview proves PM Harper best leader for Canada!

If ever anyone had any doubts, the interview between Prime Minister Harper and CBC’s Peter Mansbridge set the record straight. Peter asked many tough questions and the PM answered every single one with honesty and integrity and in what seemed to be a relaxed manner.

What I find appalling, however, are the comments under the CBC column. Canadians are saying the PM is a liar. When and why? They never specify other than they don’t agree that he didn’t know about the Wright $90,000 cheque until after the deed was done.

Which makes me wonder, for those people, what could the PM say that would change their opinion? Truly, the Harper Derangement Syndrome really does exist in that their irrational hatred is not based on reality.

I mean, why does the PM have to lie? Assuming he did know about the Wright/Duffy deal before it went public, could he not simply say:”Yes I knew ahead of time. I just wanted the money paid back to the taxpayer.”¬†Would that not have been easier than to have to continually say he didn’t know ahead of time?

Or, let’s say Nigel Wright had told him of his plan before he sent the cheque to Duffy’s lawyer. Could Mr. Harper not simply have said “No, don’t do it?” Then, following that decision, the PM could have removed Mike Duffy from the Conservative caucus and let him fend for himself in terms of the refuted expense claims.

In other words, one way or the other, there is no rationale reason for Mr. Harper to continue to deny he didn’t know about the $90,000 cheque unless he really didn’t know.

Yet, the anti-Harper obsession by so many in the mainstream media and supporters of the other party leaders, goes on just the same — leaving both those opposition leaders free to say whatever they like with impunity.

To Conservative supporters, what I would recommend is to ignore the polls and stay positive by concentrating on what the Harper Conservatives have done that has made Canada the envy of the G7 — such as these¬†100 or more reasons to vote for the Conservative candidate in your riding.

C/P Jack’s Newswatch.