In politics today, baloney baffles brains!

Bullshit baffles brains!
Baloney baffles brains!

I am sure that a lot of Canadians and Americans, whether moderate liberal or conservative, understand my post title: “Baloney baffles brains.”

Unlike any other time in my life, have I been faced with a political establishment and a mainstream media in both countries that whines and complains day in and day out about issues that are totally unimportant to most of us.

In Canada, not only the public funded CBC, but the private networks as well, are absolutely useless in terms of offering balanced coverage. I mean, flip your TV channel or Twitter thread to one of them and it will be anti-Trump 24/7 and not a negative word about our immature Pollyanna prime minister, Mr. Trudeau.

And, yes, the Canadian media and naive Canadians are responsible for the government we now have because during the summer and fall of the 2015 federal election campaign, they waxed lyrical about “Justin” while simultaneously trashing everything Harper.

All hogwash. Sunny ways indeed!

Think about it. How many Canadian readers now remember the near hysterics about the Mike Duffy trial and the so-called corruption in the PMO because a senior staffer had paid the public treasury back some $90,000? Paid back mind you.

Compare that to now. We have a federal Liberal government that is getting away with spending millions, if not billions, we don’t have. Yes, I know, the Harper government had a huge deficit for a while because of the 2008/09 recession. But, they had a plan to pay it down, which they did, handing the country over to the Liberals in October 2015 with a $5 billion surplus. 

Of course, there is the current hysteria and cynicism going on in the U.S. Look, I don’t particularly like the crudeness of some of what President Trump says, but the proof of his effectiveness should be in the results of what he does, not whether he kicks CNN’s drama queen Jim Acosta out of the White House.

As a Canadian, I am envious. If only our economy was booming the way the U.S. economy is booming. I mean, the U.S. currently has the lowest unemployment rate in decades. And, they have all the pipelines they need. Therefore, any lack of political correctness on Trump’s part is irrelevant to the everyday lives of Americans.

Which makes me miss a certain former Canadian PM by the name of Stephen Harper. If ever any leader was competent, it was Harper. True, he has a very different temperament than Trump but the same type of inner strength, day-to-day, to ignore negative press and Liberal whining.

Yes, I used to criticize Harper on this blog for not fighting back. Having worked for an MPP in the Mike Harris PC (Progressive Conservative) government, I knew responding to negative press issues quickly worked. But, in the end, the Ontario Liberals toppled the Ontario PCs too — something the Ford government needs to remember.

Which brings me to why, in our current political climate, spouting baloney really does seem to baffle brains. In other words, well-meaning people hear untruths and exaggerations so long, they begin to believe them. We got Trudeau because of all the “sunny ways” media baloney which was based on hollow promises, out right lies, and virtue posturing. And now the U.S. have a Democratic House for the same reasons.

So, what does all this mean to Canadian conservatives? In my opinion, what it means between now and the October 2019 federal election, is all we are going to hear and read about — 24/7– is pro Max Bernier media coverage (including upbeat photo ops) compared to the anti-Scheer narrative that “Scheer is weak.” Why? Because Liberal progressives clearly remember that the Reform/PC vote split guaranteed that federal Liberal governments would be elected.

From my point of view, then, the crux of the matter is that until Canadian conservatives shovel their way through the current baloney and realize that there is little chance a Bernier-run conservative party can overcome the current CPC (Conservative Party of Canada), there is little I feel like writing about.

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Toronto Star editorial by Healey “intolerant” to label Trump evil

The Toronto Star presented an editorial today by Emma Healey (H/T JNW # 1) that was very one sided, intolerant and essentially anti-democratic. A Toronto writer and poet, Healey refers to what U.S. Republican Donald Trump says and believes about campaign issues, and those who support him, as ridiculous, very serious and “evil.”

The irony is that Healey doesn’t seem to see that her narrow minded social consensus point of view is precisely why Trump has a following. He has a following because an awful lot of Americans — like a lot of Canadians — are just plain fed up with being told what is acceptable to think and do.

For example, Healey is outraged at the way Trump spoke to Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly during the 1st Republican debate. On that topic, she writes: “Since announcing his candidacy in June, Trump has been making a particularly hateful name for himself in the field of American politics. From his misogynist attacks on Fox pundit Megyn Kelly … to his virulently xenophobic stance on immigration, you’d be well within your rights to think he’s more caricature than human being.”

Did Trump lack finesse in his responses to Kelly? For sure.  But more caricature than human being? Hardly. What Healey doesn’t seem to consider is the reality that Kelly and her colleagues hoped “to get Trump” that night — so that he would be forced out of the political race.

Then, there is Healey’s comment that Trump has a “virulently xenophobic stance on immigration.” Yes, I know, Trump referred to some of the Mexicans crossing the Southern U.S. border illegally as murderers and rapists. Yet, few of his detractors questioned whether what he said was true or not.

However, the full extent of Healey’s liberal/progressive intolerance is within her final paragraph:

“There are different ways for evil to seep into public discourse and politics. It can grab hold of people’s fears and prejudices, inflating and exploiting them. Or it can seep between the cracks of our inattention and complacency and flourish there, like mould.” 

Got that? “It [evil conservative views or evil politically incorrect views] can grab hold of people’s fears and prejudices, inflating and exploiting them.” Which explains in a nutshell exactly why the left in the U.S. and Canada are so intolerant of most Conservative views.

Yet, it is not necessarily the same in reverse. For example, if I listen to Thomas Mulcair talk about paying $15.00 a day for one million nationwide day care spaces, it most definitely taps into my fears and prejudices about fiscal management and how my taxes would likely have to go up with an NDP federal government. However, I would never say Mulcair’s views are dangerous or evil. I simply don’t agree with him and I recognize that he and Healey have a right to their viewpoint.

Which brings me to the current Canadian federal election. When Healey talks about grabbing hold of people’s fears and prejudices, is she hinting that is what PM Harper and his Conservative campaign are doing regarding terrorism? If so, it completely ignores that the Canadian Conservative position on the Middle East is the same as that of the Barack Obama liberal Democrats in the U.S. In other words, it’s about leadership and preparing for the future. If Islamofascism (e.g., ISIS) makes us afraid, so what? It is the reality facing the world today.

The crux of the matter is that Healey’s notion that her liberal progressive worldview should be the preferred social consensus, and that anything to the contrary is ridiculous or evil, is the opposite to promoting positive public discourse and politics — whether it is describing Trump in the U.S. or Harper in Canada.

More on the Trump phenomenon at Just Right and Barrel Strength. See also Joanne’s Blue Like You as HDS (Harper Derangement Syndrome) is related to the intolerant I talk about in this thread.