PM Harper right to beware “Syrian” refugees as 2 in 100 are ISIS jihadists

Well, we now have our proof that ISIS jihadists are indeed infiltrating genuine Syrian refugee groups and economic migrants, all heading to the EU and elsewhere, like Canada.

Two in 100 to be exact. When you think of the thousands of Middle Easterners already in Europe or heading there, that is a lot of brutal, anti-just about everything individuals — who will burrow in and wait for the right moment to strike.

For example, if Canada actually brings in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, or those who say they are Syrian, that is the potential for 200 ISIS killers to be hiding in plain site.

Read this MailOnline column by Nick Fagge, a reporter on the border with Syria. He was able to get forged Syrian passport, ID card and a driver’s licence in Turkey using a dead Syrian’s particulars. He easily became Jak Abdullah Fraam.

While Fagge’s column is enlightening, I disagree with the way he refers to ISIS jihadis as “fighters.” They are not politically correct “fighters,” they are fanatical Islamists bent on killing for their religion — including the killing of Muslims they don’t agree with.

Scary! Meaning, in depth screening is absolutely necessary before any Middle East refugees and economic migrants are allowed to settle in Canada.

In other words, Prime Minister Harper and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander are/were right. We live in an open and compassionate country, that is true. But, our compassion has to be tempered by a cautious approach, since the last thing we need is for Canadians to be killed in the future because the issue became clouded during a federal election campaign.


Mulcair & Trudeau KNOW Canada doing “A LOT” for Syrian refugees

At the moment, Canada is spending $701.4 million to help Syria. Yet, yesterday, when the image of three year old Syrian Aylan Kurdi’s little body washed up on a Turkish beach, Canada’s media and the NDP and Liberal opposition leaders tried to convince Canadians that somehow Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander were personally responsible for the tragedy.

What hypocrisy and political pandering over the death of an innocent!

Not only that, Thomas Mulcair himself said today that it was an even worse tragedy because Canada was doing “nothing” to help Syrians.  If you want to hear Mulcair yourself, check out Brian Lilley here. Then, as shown in Lilley’s video, Justin Trudeau suggested Canada was not what it used to be.

Well, sorry, but the reality is actually very different from what both Mulcair and Trudeau suggest. Canada is doing a lot! Canada is still a very compassionate country. To that end, to read what the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper is doing for Syrian and Iraqi citizens and refugees, check out this Government of Canada Dept. of Foreign Affairs website. In addition to some 32 press releases dated as far back as 2011, there is a complete explanation of where the $701.4 million are going.

  • Humanitarian relief — $403.5 million;
  • Development projects — $230.7 million;
  • Security assistance — $67.2 million

As well, by 2017, Canada will resettle up to 11,300 Syrian refugees.

Remember, the above millions are over and above what Canada is spending on the military mission. Meaning, it is a great deal more than “nothing.”

Remember too, that if ISIS was not killing and enslaving people who were Christian or the wrong kind of Muslim and Syrian Prime Minister Assad and the rebels were not conducting a civil war, Canada would not need to help anyone because there would be no refugees.

One thing is clear — most of the mainstream media and progressive supporters of the NDP and Liberals are becoming so desperate to make sure that the Harper Conservatives do not win other majority government, they are now scoring cheap political points over the horrific death of a small child who, along with his five-year old brother and mother, died simply trying to get to safety.

Endnotes: C/P at Jack’s Newswatch. Here also are the UNHCR numbers of Syrian refugees and the countries involved. Note that there are no rich Gulf states on that  list, like  Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (H/T NewsWatchCanada). Check out Bloomberg on this topic as well.

Update Sept 4, 2015 9:49am: Here is a link to a CP news item written by Liam Casey and Geordon Omand that quotes the Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander as saying that, over and above the 11,300 expected Syrians that will be allowed to come to Canada, there will be 23,000 Iraqis as well. “Of that number, Canada has already settled nearly 22,000 Iraqis and 2300 Syrians.” As I said yesterday in my post below, that is hardly “nothing” Mr. Mulcair!!!